What is at Stake?

If there was any doubt about the importance of this election, Obama's war on the Catholic Church and the imposition of his secular view upon the Church should erase those doubts. Obama forcing the Church's various enterprises, including hospitals, to pay for birth control and abortifacients for its employees shows how the federal government has grown so big that it is now threatening our freedoms, in particular, our freedom to practice our religion.

The so-call compromise issued by Obama is even worse and totally nonsense. Basically, it goes something to effect of this: the Catholic Church does not have to provide free birth control to its employers but the insurance companies it contracts with does. So the Catholic Church doesn’t pay the freight but the insurance company will have to make up the difference by charging a higher premium. Let's just say, it is nonsensical to say the Church is off the hook to provide contraception since the insurance companies they work with have to and this doesn’t even go into any organizations that are self- insured. What this shows is that if the government provides a right, like right to healthcare, then the government makes all the demands on how that right is exercised.

For much of the radical left, Obamacare is more than just healthcare, but a means for government to control more on how we live, what we eat, and now how we worship, or what we should believe. Don’t believe in contraception or drugs that induce abortions, then tough luck; change your belief to fit the government and “the general will” according to whatever the left states it is.

For many on the Catholic left, the disillusionment must be setting in now that they are seeing their Church’s beliefs are under assault, and they are finding that their beliefs must be sacrificed in Obama’s world. There is no compromise with the left when it comes to abortion and free healthcare, and the radical nature of this administration has shown through.

For the past nearly four years, we have seen Obama’s attempt to transform America into his vision of social democracy and there is no room for any serious religious beliefs since a belief in a higher authority means that the state can’t be worshiped. Just as the early Christians refused to view the Roman Caesars as God, the modern day Christian must worship a higher authority than the state; that is God. The Catholic Church's refusal to buckle to modern day mores has been an obstacle to much of the secular beliefs that has become the norm.

The American Revolution was based on the premise that our rights were endowed by God and not a gift by the state and the Constitution was designed to protect that vision. For the left, rights are mere gifts to be dispensed to the people under the conditions that the left distributes those gifts. Rights are not gifts endowed by the state, but they are provided by an authority higher than the state. Obama’s war with the Catholic Church is a reminder of the battle between those who belief the government should be limited and those who believe that there are no limits to what government can do and provide. The left no longer truly believes In the Constitution and its vision of limited government.


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