Will Texas Republicans be Forced to Change the Way We Elect Delegates and Alternates to National Conventions?

Texas Delegate and member on the National Rules Committee, Butch Davis, says there will be a MINORITY REPORT signed by both Texas members on the Rules Committee concerning the selection of delegates and alternates to national conventions.

Currently, Texas delegates to state conventions elect three delegates and three alternates from each Congressional District to serve at Republican National Conventions. They also elect a Nominating Committee to choose At-Large Delegates and Alternates.

The proposed change would allow the presidential candidate to disavow any delegates and alternates chosen at state conventions. And the states would be forced to replace them.

Since Butch Davis told the committee that this was a rule important enough to be a "hill worth dying on," I am looking to Butch to lead delegates in an appropriate response.

Our hope is to leave Texas' current delegate selection process alone. As a former Republican presidential candidate said: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

We will see whether this triggers a floor discussion during the convention on Monday--or not.


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I don't see any reason to have any kind of nominating convention from this day forward.  If the primary determines the voting strength for a candidate then that is decided on primary day.  As far as that goes, with the new provision for the RNC to be able to decide any rule changes without consulting any larger committee, why do we need any kind of proceedings other than the platform? This party has no use for the grass roots at all, any more.  It doesn't matter what's in the platform, as far as what the officials do when the voting occurs and it has no teeth, so why even bother with a convention any more.

I have several questions: 1. What is the stated purpose of this rule change? 2. What is the actual purpose? (yes, I'm that cynical) 3. Who is behind this proposal? I'm guessing Mitt Romney since presumptive nominees tend to try to game the next election cycle to favor themselves.  4. Would the RNC actually dare to disenfranchise Texas Republicans if you refuse to comply? 5. How does this rule change make things easier for Mitt in 2016? 6. Is this an attempt to keep Paulians from winning delegate slots for Romney and turning coat at the convention? 

This is obviously a bad change, but we need to change the rule about how many delegates we get.  If it had not been for the federal judges postponing our primaries till May, we would have had half the delegation that we do now, based on our treasonous act of having a primary before April Fools' Day.

Let's be honest.  The Paulies don't give a damn about the rules unless they can be twisted to support their "minority" (and by a long stretch) candidate.  Many are openly campaigning for Gary Johnson on GOP.  And it is ironic that Ron's lawsuits move to do the exact same thing, ignore the rules of the states, unbind delegates (in violation of state rules) and disrupt the convention.   All the while telling the voters who turned out, your votes don't matter.   So who are we really "disenfranchising"?  If Ron hadn't been such a petulant ego maniac, he'd have gotten a voice but we have no obligation to allow a candidate rejected so loudly by the voters with no intention of working with the party to be heard. Sorry. Does the rule go too far? Perhaps. Do I care? Not at all, this election is far to important to allow a nut case to hijack it in support of Obama.

Why would any delegate go through the long process of making it to National when there's a good chance you will just be replaced with some big dollar donor, or campaign insider, or beltway elitist?  Watch the grassroots begin to shrivel as people realize the new reality.  Are these few elite insiders going to go door to door?  Are they going to campaign locally for our candidates, are they going to  hand out literature and do all the grassroots work required to WIN?  NO!  This is a slap in the face to all our grassroots volunteers and the beginning of the end of the GOP.  This has to be changed or the Texas GOP will be holding their 2020 convention in somebody's garage!  This is certainly not helping Romney make friends, and may very well cost him this election.  This is a mad power grab that went way too far, and makes me question their thinking, or lack of it!

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