Wisconsin Primary Results

NRCC - Cheeseheads are getting a lot of national attention these days and for good reason. Wisconsin is home to several outstanding leaders – one of whom will be our next Vice President. The Badger State has turned into a breeding ground for leaders who will stand up to special interests and Democrats who want to continue the same tax and spend policies that have driven our economic decline. The impressive recall election victory of Governor Scott Walker exposed the Democrats' weaknesses heading toward November. The recall was billed as the Democrats’ "test run" to the general election – and they lost by 7 points in a state they won by 14 points in 2008. That embarrassing loss coupled with the 2010 midterm election gains and Paul Ryan on the top of the ticket ensures President Obama must be extremely nervous about the swing state of Wisconsin.


WI-07: Rep. Sean Duffy (R) vs. Pat Kreitlow (D)

Governor Walker won twenty-six counties in the new 7th Congressional District, which shifted three points more Republican in redistricting. These results demonstrate the uphill climb Democrat Pat Kreitlow, a rejected State Senator who contributed to the fiscal mess in Madison that Governor Walker cleaned up, has in this race.

On the other hand, Sean Duffy has taken an axe to Washington spending sprees and has proven to be an independent voice for Wisconsin small businesses and working families. Duffy understands that we need to grow our economy by being fiscally responsible in Washington, which is why he has sponsored legislation that would freeze Congressional salaries and end insider trading practices in Congress. Duffy has built an impressive campaign operation that enjoys a significant cash-on-hand advantage.

Failed candidate Pat Kreitlow’s message and record of raising taxes, spending more and growing government failed for Tom Barrett and it will fail in November for Kreitlow.

With a significant cash disadvantage and no measurable base of support from which to draw, Kreitlow has run a lagging campaign that National Democrats are embarrassed by.

District Facts: PVI: EVEN, The Cook Political Report rates this race as a Lean Republican and The Rothenberg Political Report rates this race as Toss Up. Kreitlow ended the second quarter of 2012 with $450,826 in the bank compared to Duffy's impressive $1,147,756.

WI-08: Rep. Reid Ribble (R) vs. Jamie Wall (D)

Reid Ribble has been busy in Congress fighting career politicians in Washington. As a small businessman for over 35 years, Ribble knows the effects of burdensome regulations and is working to get our economy back on track. In order to protect Wisconsin jobs from unfair Chinese trade practices, Ribble worked across the aisle to introduce a bipartisan bill that protects Wisconsin manufacturers.

Compare this record to his opponent Democrat Jamie Wall, who advised companies on the benefits of exporting jobs to countries like China, and it becomes obvious why Ribble is well on his way to victory in November. Wall is a flawed candidate who would harm economic growth in Wisconsin. Wall supports President Obama’s healthcare law that cut $700 billion from Medicare and puts an unelected bureaucrat in between seniors and their doctor. He also pledged his support for President Obama’s second stimulus that would increase the deficit and destroy jobs.

Armed with an impressive independent record, Reid Ribble is well-positioned to build on Governor Walker’s strong performance in the district.

District Facts: PVI R+2, The Cook Political Report rates this race as a Lean Republican and The Rothenberg Political Report rates this race as Lean Republican. Wall ended the second quarter of 2012 with $542,205 in the bank compared to Ribble’s $1,001,012.


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