Wisconsin Recall Election Turns Roaring Lion into Whimpering Kitten

After spending nearly $20 Million to try and recall six Republican State Senators, the loud lion of the Democrat party and Union thuggery faded to a meager whimper as the wasted effort failed to net the Democrats three new seats needed to change the balance of power in the Wisconsin State Senate.

Governor Scott Walker, in a prepared statement said, "Now it is time to move forward together to help job creators put more people back to work in Wisconsin."  In this day in time, shouldn't we all be about that?

Republicans secured four of the six contested seats in the much discussed and well funded recall effort. There is an important lesson to be learned from this.

First, loud does not equal votes. Democrats and union leaders were very loud in their effort, but voters realized the common sense approach being put forth by Governor Walker. Despite the loud and contentious effort put forth, voters stopped them in their tracks. Elections mean things and this one says the Voters of Wisconsin want to stay the course in finding a responsible level of government spending. They want to continue the Republican style of leadership calling for reduced spending and decreasing the size and scope of government at all levels.

Secondly, it shows that we need to stop wasting time listening to these loud yet ineffective groups that move to distract us from our primary objectives. The most important of these is finding ways to create more taxpayers by expanding the workforce through legimate commercial enterprise.  This is followed closely by the need to get government off the backs of people and businesses.

Democrats pledged to continue their distractions and recall efforts. They plan to continue the recall effort to bring Gov. Walker back before the voters. Once again, millions of dollars will be wasted and a state government will be distracted from doing the will of the people. But this too shall pass and Walker will prevail just as the Republican Senate majority did in this election.

Congratulations to the people of Wisconsin and to the Republican Party of Wisconsin.  You are setting a fine example for America and Americans!


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