Conservative Leaders Raise Call For Strong Republican Nominee

(Washington, D.C.) - Americans for a Conservative President (ACP) today announced a declaration on its website to build public support for a strong Republican Presidential nominee who champions conservative principles and who can be relied to uphold them. ACP is a newly-formed group headed by former members of the Reagan Administration and long-time conservative activists.

Please see attachment or the website for the full Declaration of Principles.

“Americans are tired of the inside-the-beltway Washington crowd dictating to the rest of the country,” said chairman of ACP, Tom Pauken, a former agency head in the Reagan administration and author of Bringing America Home. “We need an authentic conservative who stands strong for the values of the forgotten Americans—middle class taxpayers and families—who are neglected all too often by the political elites who dominate politics in America today.”

ACP is voicing the sentiments of GOP voters across the entire nation. The recent Gallup poll from May 26 shows that the Republican base has yet to coalesce behind a member of the current candidate field. Almost a quarter of respondents declined to choose any current candidate as their preferred choice for President and no candidate received more than 17% support. The key state of New Hampshire shows an even more marked resistance to the current field as fully 87% of Republican primary voters refuse to support a current candidate.

Conservative pioneer Richard Viguerie stated, “Conservatives are fed up with establishment politicians. For decades we have been led down the wrong road of unconstitutional big government, and now voters are looking for an experienced, principled conservative to lead the Republican ticket in 2012. We're at a crossroads of historic proportions,and the GOP candidate who shows he or she understands this moment—and can demonstrate what it means to govern as a conservative—will pull away from the field.”

“The tired cliche, brought down from the attic once every four years, is that ‘this is the most important election of your life.’ This time, implausibly, it's true,” said Neal B. Freeman, Chairman of The Blackwell Corporation.

“Americans are looking for the kind of President we had in Ronald Reagan—strong, principled, conservative,” noted Bill Pascoe, Executive Vice-President of Citizens for the Republic, a national grassroots organization originally established by Reagan. “We created Americans for a Conservative President to highlight the need for that kind of leadership—and to make clear to contenders for the GOP nomination that simply having the (R) behind their name won't be enough this time.”

Businessman and Tea Party leader Russ Ramsland remarked, “We have allowed generations of political elites to systematically and radically deform the American ideal. Poll after poll tells us that ‘None of the above’ is the favorite candidate, that conservative principles, not rhetoric, are the political trump card. The job before us now is discernment.”

Citizens interested in helping elect a strong conservative to the Presidency can follow ACP at and

A list of those who have signed the petition will be available on the organization’s website,


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We need someone who can beat Obama while at the same time championing the conservative Republican principles of respect for human life and smaller government encoded in our Republican party platform, with a proven record of success in necessities of the day such as job creation. Rick Perry for President in 2012!

Dear Fellow Conservative;
   I have studied the list of self-declared conservative candidates and the list of those who 'might' make up their minds. Excluding the dilletantes, the wannabees, the hasbeens, the RINOs, the previous failures and those who do not stand the chance of a snownball in hell, I have reached two patently clear conclusions. FIRST, America has a plethora of eminently qualified women possesing every quality and ability demanded of that American we need as a leader. Honesty,Christian values, warmth, generosity of spirit, humanitarianism, visible love of country, unselfishness and core conservative values. SECOND, The male of the species choosing to run for our highest office is gynophobic at best and misogynistic at worst. These types have surfaced and won every election in modern times. Ronald Reagan was the lone exception to the definition. If you haven't figured out that one remarkable woman, Michele Bachmann meets every criterion to lead America vack to here recently purloined status as EXCEPTIONAL, you have been overlooking rather looking. I submit to all you seekers, Ms. Bachmann has been right here all the time. Let's scratch all the mudders from the fast track and put our best efforts forward to elect Michele Bachmann as Americas first female and best Conservative candidate for President of the United States.

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