Just personally, which doesn’t matter, seeing and hearing Donald Trump makes my skin crawl. I’ve known about Trump for many, many years. Suddenly, we find out via his own grating personal delivery, that Obama needs to deliver a birth certificate, Trump is pro-life, foreign agencies are taking advantage of us, and Obama is a pathetic weakling. Oh, did I mention that Trump is talking about running for the Republican nomination?...Just a coincidence I’m sure…

PT Barnum is often quoted as having said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Actually, that particular phrasing is much in question. But, I will speculate that there is much that is similar about how Barnum and Trump amassed fortunes. I was terribly troubled to read regulars of conservative forums crowing their support for Donald Trump. Over the weekend, I saw a NewsMax online poll showing Trump leading Obama and every possible Republican opponent by wide margins. I felt like Redd Foxx’s Fred Sanford clutching his chest, “Oh, Elizabeth! (his late wife) I’m coming home to you, honey!” Conservatives: PLEASE STOP IT! The New York deal cutter has milked many millions (he says billions) and favors (political and otherwise) from suckers for a long time. I’m making no assertions about the legality or legitimacy of ANY of that. I have no information and it’s beside the point. I’m a conservative and have been all of my life: caveat emptor (buyer beware). Check Trump’s record, both of words, donations and endorsements. Trump is as conservative (or anything else) as it takes to turn a buck.

I was happy to see Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck in the next few days, raising serious questions about all of this. Coulter is bright and her books are well-documented. But she has herself been too prone to emotional reactions and somewhat over-the-top rhetoric, which is her stock-in-trade and how she sells a lot of books to a sliver of the population. And Beck of course, is derided as a Chicken Little hawking paranoia. But I like him. When a nation has amassed a debt that is a historical world record, tangled commerce with regulation and government-corporate cooperation, and is on the path to insolvency short of a historic and dramatic course change, if it isn’t then, there’s NO TIME to be worried.

Frankly, I doubt that he will really run. After political opponents have studied his record and gone after him, his reputation would come out making Sarah Palin look like a genius saint, which by the way, she’s much closer to than to what she’s been portrayed as. But Trump has gained a lot of publicity, which he has long shown that he basks in. However, conservatives: PLEASE DON’T BE SUCKERS!

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Perhaps you should listen to what Trump is saying instead of criticizing him. Why do you think he's more popular right now than other GOP potential candidates. The GOP better wake up. We're not going to put up with the same old BS any more.

At least he's saying the things most of us want said.  The current Republican's don't.  We don't have a single Republican that could run against Obama and win, and even if one of the current "possible" candidates did happen to beat him, they'd just be more of the same old guard, career politicians who are only interested in the next election.

If Trump runs, I'll vote for him.

Trump is an immoral pagan, lover of money, reprobate. He is no more conservative than a vampire in a priest's vestments.
Looks like I will be voting Ron Paul again and then third party.

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