The Texas Republican Primary - Congratulations, Gratitude and Sympathy

Just a short personal note from me to all the candidates in yesterday's Texas Republican Primary Election. I know, I don't write many "short" notes, but here goes.

Congratulations to everyone who won their primary election yesterday. You fought a hard battle, in many cases. In all cases, the taste of victory is sweet. Thank you for everything you put into the race. Take a couple of days off for a well-deserved rest after months of grueling campaigning. It is then time for all of us to rally around you as our nominees to move Republicans to victory in November!

To those of you who did not win your elections yesterday - you have my gratitude for your hard efforts to make Texas a better place.  All of the candidates, particularly in THIS YEAR'S Primary Election have made huge sacrifices.  You have spent much of your own money, taken time away from work and have, most likely, spent way more time away from your families than you ever intended. I am grateful we have so many people who are willing to put their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor on the line to make our system of government work better for us all.

And, to those who now face a runoff election in the heat of the Texas summer, you have my sympathy. You have nine more weeks of battling to take your message to an apathetic voter base. Turnout was low in the primary, and will be even lower for the runoff. Getting out your vote will be all you can do for the next nine weeks. It won't be easy.  And, in some of these races, it won't be pleasant. I do not envy you, the road before you.  But walk it you must.

To the voters of Texas. These candidates who are facing a runoff election deserve our support and our vote. Don't let the distractions of the summer keep you away from voting.

We will provide detailed coverage of the candidates working for your votes in the coming weeks.  Do your part - Get out and Vote!


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