20th Century Economic Consensus Bull

My friend Lauro Garza has scorned the possible inclination of Ron Paul and his followers to run from The Republican Party to a third party. In the case of Dr. Paul himself, I feel fairly safe in predicting that that will not happen, his starkly disparate foreign policy rhetoric notwithstanding. In the case of his followers, I surely hope it would not happen. I have written that Paul is clearer on fiscal and monetary policy than anyone in Washington, and it isn’t even close. Paul has slipped the grasp of the Keynesian wave that carried the most of the West and now the world for more than 75 years.

But, my doubts about Paul are two: 1) I think his is didactic delivery, suitable for fans but not engaging for strangers. And 2) Though I do appreciate the need for caution and sobriety in military and foreign policy, I also think that today’s world makes his perspective something of an anachronism; both dangerous and immoral not in intent, but in application.

Many of you who have paid some close attention to Paul’s economic policy will recognize the libertarian and anti-Keynesian Austrian (I call it common sense) of the writers and speakers linked below. Most important about their words is not who embraces them, but that they point to the utter folly of what Obama and Democrats have done to America in the past year and the economic calamity that they portend.

The Mess That Greenspan Made: How Eighteen Years of Easy Money Changed The World

Keynesian Economics Is Wrong: Bigger Gov't In Not Stimulus

Charlie Rose: Niall Ferguson Interview - Global Economic Growth Shifting East - 1 of 3

Niall Ferguson Interview - Global Economic Growth Shifting East - 2 of 3



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