63% Favor Repeal of Health Care Reform Bill

A Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 likely voters shows that support for the repeal of Obama's health care reform bill is at an all time high. 

While opposition to the bill has remained as consistent since its passage as it was beforehand, this marks the first time that support for repeal has climbed into the 60s. It will be interesting to see whether this marks a brief bounce or indicates a trend of growing opposition.

Date FavorOppose
May 22-23 63%32%
May 14-15 56%39%
May 10 56%39%
Apr 30-May 1 54%29%
Apr 24-25 58%38%
Apr 16-17 56%41%
Apr 10-11
Apr 2-3 54%42%
Mar 27-28
Mar 23-24

55% of surveyed people think the health care reform bill will drive up the cost of health care, while only 18% believe costs will go down. 55% expect health care quality to get worse, while only 20% expect it to improve. 63% expect the health care reform bill to increase the federal deficit, while only 12% expect the bill to decrease the deficit.


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