7 Stories Obama Does Not Want Told - Story 4

John F. Harris outlines seven storylines that the Obama White House doesn't want you to know in his Politico article "7 stories Barack Obama doesn't want told," and TexasGOPVote is adding seven new tags to help our readers follow them! They include:

  • monopoly money 
  • Spock 
  • Chicago-style politics
  • pushover patsy
  • selling out America
  • President Pelosi
  • celebutante

TexasGOPVote will dedicate a blog post to each of these seven stories in the coming weeks!

Story #4: He's a Pushover

The same people that call Obama a bully also call him a patsy. This perception began when Obama tried to lay down the lines, and then let people cross them with no consequences.

  • Last Summer he told Congressional Democrats that they better not go home for recess until a critical health care vote. They blew him off and went home anyway.
  • He told the Israeli government he wanted a freeze in settlements. No one took him seriously.
  • He said Fox News should not be treated like a real news organization. Fox News then got interview time for its White House correspondent.

Let's hope this is not how Obama is going to warn Iran about its nuclear program!


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