7 Stories Obama Does Not Want Told - Story 7

John F. Harris outlines seven storylines that the Obama White House doesn't want you to know in his Politico article "7 stories Barack Obama doesn't want told," and TexasGOPVote is adding seven new tags to help our readers follow them! They include:

  • monopoly money 
  • Spock 
  • Chicago-style politics
  • pushover patsy
  • selling out America
  • President Pelosi
  • celebutante

TexasGOPVote will dedicate a blog post to each of these seven stories in the coming weeks!

Story #7: He's in love with the man in the mirror

Yes, it is good to have respect for yourself, but could Obama have just a little too much? It has become a common theme of Washington buzz that Obama is over-exposed:

He gives interviews on his sports obsessions to ESPN, cracks wise with Leno and Letterman, discusses his fitness with Men’s Health, discusses his marriage in a joint interview with first lady Michelle Obama for The New York Times. A photo the other day caught him leaving the White House clutching a copy of GQ featuring himself.

Unless Obama starts making tangible achievements, our president will become quite the celebutante.


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