Senator Harry Reids health care bill passed the Senate today in what Obama calls "the most important piece of social legislation since Social Security passed in the 1930s."Ironically,
I raised a Point of Order on the Senate floor along with Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, today regarding the possible violation of Senate rules in refusing to disclose a list of the earmarks included in the Reid health care...
for American health care? No doubt achieving 60 votes in the Senate was a crucial victory for Obama's health care reform legislation that will effectively nationalize 1/6 of the US economy!
Gotta love Mark Steyn! Here is a great comment he had regarding Senator Mary Landrieu putting her vote up for sale.
Maybe only God can save the American ideal, now. We can try to be participants. Some “moderate” Democrats in The Senate were holding out on the health care bill, but it looks like they’ve satisfied/paid off those Senators...
Europe continues to be affected by the cold and harsh weather conditions that made their debut as world leaders converged at the climate change summit in Copenhagen last week.
Poor Golf Digest. They had no idea of the controversy that would unfold when the magazine's January 2010 issue went to press November 14, well before news would surface of Tiger's numerous affairs.
Senator Ben Nelson has been officially pulled over to the dark side! Texas GOP Vote recently discussed the Democrat
Obama was greeted with a snow blizzard as he flew into Copenhagen this morning to discuss the world's rising temperatures.
I spoke on the Senate floor today to again remind Americans of the stark difference in the promises made by the Obama Administration on health care reform and the reality they will face if the budget-busting, 2,074 page Reid...
I issued the following statement today regarding the passage of Majority Leader Harry Reid’s health care bill:
After cold, wintery conditions greeted world leaders at the Copenhagen "global warming" summit last week, TexasGOPVote reported that Eurostar's "green" train was canceled indefinitely and apparently did not a
In the video below, Glenn Beck Discusses Federal Prison Industries and how our taxpayer money is being used to create and save jobs for prison inmates! Do we really want the message, "crime pays," sent out to the American...
When Gareth Groves bought his brand new $38,000 Hummer, he did not expect it to be vandalized only 5 days later. The tires were slashed, the windows were smashed, and "FOR THE ENVIRON" was scratched into the paint.
We all know the Right has been opposing the government overhaul of health care ever since Congress began working on it months ago.
Last week I discussed the increases in temporary worker hiring. Historically, this trend has signified the first step towards lowering unemployment during recessionary periods. But, this time the temporary hire upsurge may...
Today, I issued the following statement after the release of the Reid Amendment.
William F.
Paul Gigot from the Fox News show, Journal Editorial Report, recently interviewed Bjorn Lomborg, a member of the Copenhagen Climate Consensus Center regarding the climate talks going on in Copenhagen. Bjorn Lomborg is an...
Independent Senator Joe Lieberman is the current "target of liberal wrath" due to his opposition to the public option in the healthcare bill.



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