There are conservatives who have assessed that a Democrat health care bill will pass: it’s a done deal. And, others have predicted that the deal will ultimately fall apart.
The Senate passed an immense $1.1 trillion spending bill Sunday. The House has already passed its identical version of the bill, and Obama indicates he will sign it.
His highness Kenneth Feinberg, the Obama Administration's pay czar, anointed 12 chosen ones and bequethed them with waivers on their salary caps.
You may have had the experience of being in Family Court or know someone who has. In Harris County, Texas we have nine specialized courts that are dedicated to family cases, or “anti-family” cases if you consider that the...
The emails from the Climatic Research Unit at Britain’s University of East Anglia call into question the integrity of scientific data on climate change. As a result, other House Members and I sent a letter to five Inspectors...
Today, I issued the following statement regarding reports that the Government Accountability Office has decided to overturn the Army’s decision to shift the Army FMTV contract award from BAE Systems in Sealy to Oshkosh Corp...
Everyone needs to watch this. I would add one thing. I agree that fiscal and monetary calamity for America is coming, and I can’t imagine how it can be escaped. Don’t kid yourself that a Republican restoration can stop it....
Charles Krauthammer is a renowned columnist for the Washington Post and frequent television commentator. His analyses of the various Obama Administration efforts have been spot on.
I issued the following statement today after CMS Chief Actuary Rick Foster released his analysis of the latest version of the Reid health care bill last night:
Republicans opposed to government-run healthcare reform are now being likened to those who defended slavery in the 19th century! Seriously?!
Who knew that "Thomas and Friends" was such a dangerous influence on children?Research by the University of Alberta has chillingly revealed that the kids' TV show Thomas and Friends may be engendering a "conservative...
While the Senate Democrats are aspiring to get the health care reform bill passed by Christmas, a couple obstacles are still standing in their way.
As the Copenhagen Climate Conference is coming upon its last few days, leaders have had to spend a good portion of their time justifying the science behind globa
Today, I issued the following statement regarding reports the Administration has decided to bring terrorist detainees from Guantanamo Bay into the continental United States:
GREEN is the new RED! Need to justify forced abortions? Think of all the CO2 gas being eliminated. Seriously, China is proud!
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), temporary and contract work has increased significantly. That is offsetting to some extent continued job losses in a number of sectors.
The results from the run-off election for Houston Mayor are in:99% precincts reporting:Gene Locke: 70,631 votes- 46%Annise Parker: 81,652 votes- 54%Houston is now the largest city to have an openly gay mayor.
Politico reports that Lou Dobbs is brooding over a run for President in 2012.
This is a letter to the UN Secretary General, signed by 142 scientists who cite and list numerous questions about supposed global warming science. I doubt that many of these imagine it is really the case, but the letter is...
Senate Democrats tentatively agreed Tueday night to drop the government-run public-option from the health care bill.



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