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Phil Vasile's picture

I am very happy to say that I have been a resident of Texas since 2009. Having lived in California for decades, it finally became impossible to live with a ‘runaway government’ taxing its residents into poverty. My objective now is to help insure that Texas does not become like California – deep blue!

After years of night school I graduated from California State College with a Master...

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Linda Vega is a native of Texas. Born in Weslaco, Texas, she is the youngest of nine siblings. She was graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and the George Washington Law School in D.C., with a full scholarship from both establishments. She previously worked at The Department of Labor, and is currently in private practice at THE VEGA LAW FIRM. Her areas of expertise are in...

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On January 8th, 2013, Jason Villalba took the oath of office to serve as the Texas State Representative for House District 114, which he served through 2018. He was appointed to serve on the Business and Industry and Environmental Regulation Committees during his first full term. When the first special session was announced, Rep. Villalba was appointed to the Select Committee on Redistricting...


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