Adryana Boyne Speech From Tax Day Lone Star Tea Party event in Dallas

I gave the following speech at the Lone Star Tea Party tax day event yesterday:

Hello Texans! I wonder if the Liberal Media is watching to see that I am a real Hispanic and this is not the first time that I am addressing a crowd like this in a Tea Party. The people here and in all the Tea Parties across America are some of the greatest Americans I know. You have come here with your signs and with a message from your hearts expressing that we are fed up with big government! As an immigrant, I came to the USA many years ago, I love this country and I am proud to say I have never, ever received a single entitlement from the Government!

Many years ago, I took an oath of citizenship, something that most people born here don’t do. The "five principles" mandated by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1953 are:

  1.  Allegiance to this document: The United States Constitution.
  2. Renunciation of allegiance to any foreign country to which the immigrant has had previous allegiances to.
  3.  Defense of the constitution against enemies, “foreign and domestic” This includes our enemies trying to take our freedom away!
  4. Promise to serve in the United States armed forces when required by law (either combat or not combat)
  5.  Promise to perform civilian duties of national importance when required by law.

I am not ashamed to remind other people that this is my country and this is my flag! We may speak differently, we may have thick accents, we may look different sometimes, but we are proud to call ourselves Americans!

It is important for me to point out that there are some people in government that have been doing their job: people like Michelle Bachman who is not ashamed to confront the radical liberal agenda. People like Jim De Mint, John Boehner, Mike Pence, Michael Burgess, Steve King, Marsha Blackburn, Erich Cantor, and many other great Americans who have to fight against the liberals in Washington!  Sadly, the majority of congressmen and senators have put our country into this mess. But we are going to change that this November!

Here in Texas, we have some great conservatives who will be running against liberals in Congress. We need to help people like Stephen Broden and Francisco “Quico” Canseco get elected to Congress because they are conservatives who will go and fight for our freedoms!

The TEA party is not about radicals but about the voice of America. We are not radical extremists, unless, that is, you consider Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and the rest of our founding fathers to be radicals. Maybe that’s why liberals dislike us so much – they just don’t appreciate the conservative ideas penned by the founders of this great nation.

The liberals running Washington have two choices: they can listen to us and change – I don’t think any of us believe that will happen – or they can ignore us. However, since they continue to ignore us, there will be a storm of protest that will shake Washington! We will come out in mass and vote for candidates who stand for our core conservative values! We will vote for candidates who stand for our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We will vote for candidates who will fight tooth and nail against the liberal agenda in Washington.

Many immigrants come here to chase the American dream, to make something of ourselves! Equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. Many of us believe that we need to protect our borders and to respect our laws! We believe America is the greatest country, we believe in freedom and liberty! Hispanics are social and fiscal conservatives. I am a conservative because I value life, I value personal responsibility. I believe the government works for the people, not the people for the government. Entitlements are not good, and we believe in hard work and being rewarded for our hard work!

Liberals portray all Latinos as ignorant entitlement grabbing persons, who always vote Democrat. Well, I am Latino and I do not want entitlements. I do not want Government run healthcare. And I do not like the direction Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Company are taking our country! I want to challenge you to keep supporting our conservative fiscal and moral values. Our freedoms are being robbed and not just our freedom to spend our money how we desire but the very freedom to live our lives. Liberals want to tell us what is right and wrong. They want to take away an unborn child’s right to life. They want to teach our children their definition of marriage. They want us to sit down and be quiet as they slowly take away our rights  But we will not sit down! We will not be quiet!

We all know that English is the official language in America. But before I end I will speak for 50 seconds en Spanish to the Spanish media.

¡El año 2010 no es la cumbre de los Tea Parties (Motín del Té.) ¡Apenas estamos empezando! El gobierno trabaja para nosotros, no nostoros para el gobierno. Cada persona aquí, representa a miles de personas que trabajamos muy duro y que pagamos impuestos. Estamos cansados del gobierno engrandecido, de cómo el gobierno gasta sin parar, cansados con un gobierno liberal. Estamos cansados de que el Presidente y su gente nos hayan endeudado, han endeudado a nuestros hijos y a nuestros nietos. ¡No callaremos y no nos detendrán! ¡Nos estamos alistando para un verdadero cambio en Noviembre!

2010 is not the highpoint of the TEA party. We are only beginning to let our voice be known. Government works for us and we do not work for the government. For each person here, there are thousands of hard working, tax paying Americans who could not come but who are also fed up with big government, who are fed up with tax and spend government, who are fed up with liberal government. We are tired of how the President and his people have put us, our children and our grandchildren in debt. We will not be quiet! We will not be stopped! Lets all get ready for a real change in November!


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