Adryana Boyne on Telemundo Tonight!


Today I was interviewed by Telemundo. Usually, Spanish Media is solely interested in one issue: Immigration. Hispanics are not monolithic! We are interested in many issues other than just immigration. 

Telemundo wanted to know, in general terms, what was the result of the RPT Convention, if the party is divided, the position of the party on illegal immigration…etc

Below are my answers: 

  • The party is unified and focused on victory in November. We want to elect officials that will move this country out of the recession created by the liberals. The party also elected a new Chairman, Mr. Steve Munisteri.
  • The Republican Party’s position on illegal immigration is that the issue is one of national security and the Obama Administration is failing to deal with it.
  • Texans are frustrated by Washington’s inaction with respect to security. 
  • Most Hispanics are naturally conservative and share GOP values. That includes national security and respect for law and order.

Be sure to watch tonight on Conteo de Noticias and Noticias Telemundo!

Serving with you one Nation under God,

Adryana Boyne


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