Adryana Boyne vs. Senator Harry Reid

"I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK. Do I need to say more?" Senator Harry Reid said on Tuesday at a Nevada campaign event with Latino supporters.

No, Senator Reid, you do not need to say more because we are not interested in what you have to say! How about listening to Hispanics instead? I know that, besides myself, a great number of wonderful Hispanic Republicans will take a strong stand against your deceiving words. You sir, are speaking out of place!

Let me tell you why a Hispanic like me and most people of Hispanic Heritage are Republicans.

Unlike you, Senator Reid, Hispanics believe abortion is murder. We believe LIFE begins at conception. We believe in traditional marriage and traditional families. Hispanics support free market principles. We are entrepreneurs. Hispanics believe the government should be accountable to the people and not people to the government. Hispanics believe that the government that governs best governs least. We Hispanics believe we should keep most of the money we earn. We believe in the American dream. We believe in equal opportunity for all Americans, not in equal handouts.

Hispanics believe in personal responsibility of the individual. President Reagan said many years ago, "Latinos are Republican, they just don't know it yet." Guess what Senator Reid, more Hispanics are waking up and realizing that Hispanics are Republican and we are coming to that realization every day! We believe that the strength of our nation resides in the individual. We believe in equal opportunity for all without prejudice of race, creed, gender, age or physical capacity. I, along with other Hispanics, have been very active in the Republican party. I have been spreading this message for the last several years with VOCES Action, on television, on the radio, in newspapers, in speeches, with the Republican Party, with the Latino National Republican Coalition, and on – but apparently you are not listening!

You use our nation’s current immigration situation as a deceptive tool because you are desperate and want to scare the Latinos into believing that all Republicans are racist and do not desire to solve the immigration problem.

Senator Reid, using the immigration card to appeal to Hispanics is unacceptable. Yes, there is an immigration problem but, we will not allow you to scold Hispanics simply because you are scared of losing the Latino vote. Yes, we are aware Republicans lost the Hispanic vote in the last election maybe because of the harsh immigration rhetoric of some. Many Hispanics voted for Democrats out of fear and frustration. But by now, sir, many are realizing the mistake they made. Voting for the Democratic party does not give them peace of mind. But many other Hispanics have been firm in our Republican stand because we know the Republican Party is the party for ALL Americans who hold the conservative values in which this country was founded!

I will tell you, sir, that we Hispanics believe that our borders must protected. We care for the security of our families. We believe in the rule of law and certainly this rule of law should be applied to all who break it, citizens or not citizens.

Hispanics believe that we need to fix our broken immigration system and we need to find a sensible immigration solution. We cannot accept amnesty – it is a slap in the face to those hardworking immigrants that have come to this country legally.

All Americans know that if congress wants to pass legislation without a single Republican vote, you are able to do so - just like you did with healthcare reform.

Therefore, do not stand there and blame Republicans for not solving the immigration problem. You are using this situation as an excuse because you are desperate, Senator. There are many Republicans legislators who are listening to the citizens, instead of telling them to blindly follow, and these legislators are willing to sit and discuss this major issue we have facing our Country. Our borders must be protected first and then a realistic solution must be reached.

In conclusion, Senator Reid, the reason that you do not understand why a Hispanic could be a Republican is because most Hispanics hold on to the conservative fiscal and moral values, and you do not.

Once again my name is Adryana Boyne and I am proudly an American, I am proudly a Texan and I am proudly a Hispanic Republican.


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