Al Gore Doesn't Dare Utter Obama's Name at Democratic Rally, Maybe He Shouldn't Mention Global Warming Either!

Polls are indicating that the Democrats could potentially be losing control of both the House and Senate this November. So whats their strategy? Dont mention Obamas name! 

At a recent Democratic rally in Tampa, neither Al Gore nor Democratic Senate candiate Kendrick Meek let slip Obamas name. 

According to

Two years ago, every Democrat in the country was invoking Mr Obamas name as they hoped to ride on his coat-tails to electoral victory. This year, he is a near-pariah, with many of the partys candidates doing everything they can to distance themselves from him.
Whether the tactic will work is unclear. Florida is a key battleground state, with Republicans and Democrats typically fighting incredibly close contests, most famously in 2000 when George W. Bush prevailed over Mr Gore by 537 votes.

Furthermore, when Al Gore started claiming how he and the Democrats are saving the world from global warming, some people in the crowd starting chanting, "Global warming is a hoax!"

Maybe the Democratic strategy should be dont mention Obama and dont mention global warming!


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