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"Those Voices Dont Speak for the Rest of Us"

The masses are restless. Don’t you feel it, can’t you see it? We all thought that through the Tea Party movement, we the people could accomplish much and we did. Just look at what happened November 2, 2010. Still that is not enough. Our deficit continues to mount while the politicians in Washington DC debate to shut down the government or not. I say shut it down…again shut it down. Maybe something positive will come of that. Notice I used the word ‘maybe’. So while there is much commotion and debate and introduction of new bills that will enact more laws to ‘protect’ us, who will enforce these new laws? The federal government? Your local lawmakers? Your neighbor? Here lies the key…who will be the enforcer?

Our Southern border is not safe and illegals continue to enter to accommodate their needs. Our Northern border has also become porous. The Northern border is not yet violent as the Southern border but give it time... Obama’s stance against Arizona on immigration tells us he is not interested in stopping the bleeding at the Mexican border. This black and white president has single handedly resurrected racial vengeance not equality. Just when some thought that maybe by electing a man of color we were over the ‘hump’.

Crossroads GPS The System

Obama’s applauding of the unions in Wisconsin has fueled a class war. There are those that claim that they deserve the money they have ‘bargained’ for and there are those who believe the union people should pay a fair share of their health care. The unions have taken America down a bleak path to serfdom. All the while Wisconsin is going under. This man of color promised to bring us together, to unite us so that there would be no distinction among our fellow men. A few of us saw through him. We tried to tell our friends, neighbors and relatives but the promise of utopia was so much better than the reality of our future. How could these Obama zombies hang their star on an unknown? Two years ago, our CPA told us, “Well if we don’t like what Obama is doing we can boot him out.” By the way we no longer use him as our CPA. That was doing something positive…for us.

It used to be that our only concern was keeping our local elected officials ‘in line’ but we are way past that stage. We slept while the enemy crept beyond our boundaries and caught us by surprise. The abortionists have murdered 52 million babies since 1973. The Democrats have lost their party to the Socialists and some still refuse to acknowledge this very obvious simple fact. Our money does not have the same buying power of just three years ago and our educational system has gone barren and is begging for ‘real’ teachers to teach ‘real’ subjects like reading, writing and arithmetic. We have become tolerant to the point of becoming floor rugs. We are caught in the middle of a tsunami with the current flowing towards the open sea. And yet some refuse to ACT…

Just look at our chaotic world. The Middle East is going up in flames, literally. Oil prices are skyrocketing and food prices are increasing due to the revolutions in the Arab world. The Muslim Brotherhood is taking hold of millions wanting a better life. Israel is being choked by the Islamists around them and America is opening its arms to embrace these Islamists who claim to come in ‘peace’. The Mansfield ISD, right here in Texas, has taken money from the federal government and is being obligated to teach Arabic in the classroom. Most Americans are unaware or are in denial of the ‘religion of peace’ and will consequently submit to the intrusion of Arabic being taught to their child rather than make ‘waves’. Our Christian ‘rights’ are disappearing at a faster rate then the Muslims are gaining ‘rights’.

We can no longer just focus on our local government because most officials are led by the Socialists/Democrats in Washington DC. The umbilical cord must be cut off! You ask how? Action trumps Words! Venting is good for the soul and is a positive way of staying informed. But actions are necessary to take our country back. Have you visited your child’s school and spoken to his teacher? Do you have the phone number of your US Senator, US Congressman, state senator, state representative, city councilman or county commissioner in your phone directory? Do you even know who they are and how they vote on issues? Do you know about the Texas State Board of Education? Have you attended a town hall meeting, tea party rally, had a conference with any elected official, testified at a public hearing, written to the editor of a newspaper, to a CEO, or voiced your informed opinion about any particular issue? If you have not, then now is that time, today make it a point to call an elected official and rouse him/her. Join a political group and learn how to make a difference. By the way, how much have you contributed to the campaign of your choice?

We are all overwhelmed at times with what is going on in the world and we must remain vigilant. We ‘trusted’ our elected officials for the last 40 years and now it is time to act. It is impossible at this point in time for any one person to know all the issues that are being hurled about. Concentrate on those that concern you the most and become better informed in order to share or argue the point. Above all, stay focused on the 2012 election to oust Obama and his cohorts. Do not even think that he cannot be reelected.


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