Ann Coulter Makes Health Care Reform Simple

Here is a link to Ann Coulter’s explanation of a simple one-page health plan to solve most of the problems that Democrats are screeching that private industry is abusing people on. The other problems should be addressed by decent people in decent states and communities. And, it costs no money. Now, I often regret Ann Coulter’s method. She responds to her critics by citing her book sales, which really goes straight to the point. What her choir loves is what the people who need to learn what she knows hate. A more missionary disposition would not approach the heathen with…derision of the heathen. She’s a very bright woman and the books I’ve looked at were well documented and accurate. But, she also majors in clever irony and sarcasm, which immediately points to a communication problem: liberals often have little sense of humor. But, this article is as simple as the principle of freedom it commends.

It’s amazing how over time in a country that became the most prosperous and productive one in the world on the strength of human liberty, that educators and media who have been so insulated as to be entirely ignorant of how liberty and free markets serve, have been able to convey that utter ignorance to a healthy chunk of the public. Obviously, most people are quite legitimately occupied with other things. But, decent citizenship in America demands a modicum of attention be paid to the wonders of liberty, and it really is pretty simple. It must be, because it was crystal clear to me as a YOUNG boy. I have to admit though, that over time there has probably developed a certain consensus among those who know me, that I am a little peculiar, a condition that education and circumstance have probably exacerbated.

I’ve seen how the media-education fog has clouded minds even in supposedly conservative circles. Many years ago at a Republican precinct convention, I submitted among many resolutions, one that called for opposition to all minimum wage laws and increases. Another who had made the effort to attend a Republican convention protested: “You can’t do that. Some people won’t pay enough.” Whatever response I offered that the market would decide, was not enough to keep that from being the only one of my many resolutions that failed. Here’s a novel idea: If someone won’t pay you enough, don’t take the job. When society has removed that most basic lesson from entry-level workers, it has stunted their personal development. I suppose particularly when like today, government has done as much as it can to make work scarce. It makes it more attractive to work for anything if the work is there.

But, liberals in media and public office, have built this whole compound of federal regulation and control on criticism of greedy insurance companies. Now in the first place, health insurance companies operate on extraordinarily thin profit margins. And any real belief that the federal government can run a more efficient and obliging system is immersed in the most rhapsodic of fantasies. But, if I haven’t already, let me make one thing perfectly clear: insurance companies make every penny of profit that they can. All companies do. So, do YOU. That’s why resources and labors are invested and how innovations are produced. But, as Coulter’s article points out, what constrains the compensation we all demand is not government but the market. If someone demonstrates equal or superior ability for less money, you will lose the job. And, a company will lose the business. Real and effective reform is in lifting government’s interference with the market, as Coulter suggests.



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