Ann Coulter Quotes From CPAC 2010

Ann Coulter held nothing back at CPAC 2010 today. Here are some highlights:

"...and the polar bears are trying to mate with Al Gore."

"Obama is one of the least dangerous people with the name Hussein"

"I might agree with health care reform if it required all Democrats get their heads checked."

“The upside of cap and trade will be that if we pass it and defeat global warming, Washington D.C. will see snow again!”

"Pelosi's botox must be seeping into her brain again... Who's Harry Reid again?"

"Anything Ron Paul says, as long as it doens't have to do with foreign policy, I'm good with it."

When asked who should run for president: "We shouldn't tell until a month before the election because otherwise the Democrats will fixate and dig up everything they can find to ruin that person. Right now they're scrambling, trying to figure out who our leader is."

When she asked what she thought about Michael Mann and climategate: "I think it's been handled by God."

When asked if she has ever dated a liberal: "Well they weren't liberal for long."


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