Ann McElhinney Rips on Energy Subsidies and the Dangers of Green Energy at CPAC

Conservative documentary producer Ann Mcelhinney participated in a panel discussion titled How Big Agriculture and Environmentalists Conspire to Rip Off American Taxpayers at CPAC 2011 on Friday.

McElhinney, a self-described "recovering European," participated in the discussion to communicate a very, very simple message."  She said that we should beware of "stealth taxes" masquerading as subsidies "That's just tax by any other name, and it's wrong...and it's particularly wrong when it bolsters up failed ideas...CO2 is going to kill us - get over it already!"

McElhinney says that the environmentalists have won government subsidies for a pipe dream "when you go to a hospital and hope that the wind blows, and pray that the wind blows when your child is in the operating'll suddenly have a very different impression of coal after that. You wouldn't care if it was clean coal, or dirty coal, or windy coal, or whatever, it'd be the coal that you'd be wanting."

McElhinney warned that some of our own may be working against us.

The real threat is the pretenders...people pretending to be conservatives, talking renewable energy non-sense...forget about the democrats - the problem is in here where people don't know what they value and what they believe in. They don't believe in anymore in using resources. They find themselves kowtowed and bullied by this Co2 conversation. Shut already about Co2 we've all seen the way weather behaving - it's called weather...and climate changes. It always has and it always will and we are brilliant human beings who will rise up and find solutions to everything.

Tim Carney, political columnist for the Washington Examiner also weighed in on the discussion about subsidies. According to Carney, the imposition of subsidies exists because many politicians have a shallow beleif in the free market.

Ann concluded her speech by warning again of the dangers of green energy subsidies "Where I come from, Europe, Europe had great ideas about subsidizing everything...make it so that anyone that gets involved in the solar panel business is guaranteed success...and guess what's happened in Europe. You're going the direction Europe. Europe is broke. Is that the direction you really want to go in?"


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