Are the Democrats Digging Their Own Grave? - Part 2

Texas GOP Vote has started compiling a list of evidence showing how the Democats are isolating groups of voters. This list continues on from "Are the Democrats Digging Their Own Grave? - Part 1." 

President Obama said he would bring change to America, and so far it looks like this is the only promise he has been able to keep. While it can have only been expected that we Republicans would be infuriated by this government overtake, the Democrats in Congress are really starting to dig their own grave by isolating more and more groups- some of which include people that would have most likely voted Democratically in the next election.

The Democrats are isolating groups of voters by:

#3 - Comparing the "Public Option" to the Postal Service

Barack Obama unwittingly compared government-run insurance with the US Post Office when attempting to dispel fears that his healthcare plan will lead to a single payer system. He argued that private insurers could compete with the government run plan by drawing an analogy to private companies that compete with the post office:
"They do it all the time," he said. "UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. ... It's the Post Office that's always having problems."

Wait a second. So Obama is comparing the government healthcare plan to the U.S. Postal system? Well considering the U.S. Postal system is nearly broke, why is he trying to sell his public healthcare option by comparing it to the Post Office? Not only is Obama losing voters, but he is also starting to lose his cool, controlled manner!

#4 - Turning their backs on Latinos on Immigration Reform

Even though President Obama has called our broken immigration system “unsustainable,” and imperative to fix, he is now pushing immigration reform to next year in favor of making progress on healthcare reform this year. Meanwhile, those of us living in border states are not happy and “have grown increasingly vocal in criticizing what some see as foot-dragging by Obama on the contentious issue.”

This issue is critically important to Latino Texas voters who voted overwhelmingly for Dems in 2008. Could they help swing the 2010 elections to a more Conservative side?

While the Democrats continue to tread over more and more voters, it is time for the Republican Party to take leadership and gain back the power that will enable us to live in the place that we proudly call America!

As we speak, the Democrats are probably conjuring up even more socialist schemes and disconcerting broken promises. Stay tuned for future posts as Texas GOP Vote continues to add to this list with more evidence of how the Democrats are progressively digging their own grave.



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