Are the new TSA procedures giving in to terrorists?

Former Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum went "On the Record" Monday night to discuss the TSA procedures and said:

"Well I just think that first off, we need to make sure our airlines are safe, we need to make sure these targets are secured from terrorist attacks. We also need to do common sense in doing that and we are going to the nth degree here. While you can board a train 2 blocks from here, you can pack it with explosives, and you can probably kill more people in that train and if you blow yourself up in a tunnel in New York City, maybe even bring down building, etc. There's absolutely no security there, none. You can walk on, there's no magnetometer, there's nothing. I mean they have a dog that you can walk by.
"The point is, we've seemed to have gone overboard. The terrorists are attacking us here, there's no question, they keep coming back to this, and I understand why we need to keep having enhanced security here, but what we need is a dose of common sense and reality. What we're not doing is we're not targeting those who are the most likely subjects and actually putting them through more rigorous screening.
"I don't think it's profiling, that's a dirty word, you need to ask questions of people, you need to get the list. TSA has to have access to who's coming on these planes and be able to look at that, be able to look at who may be potentially dangerous and pull those people aside and ask them questions, randomly ask other people questions. These are things that are done routinely by other countries without this invasion of privacy that is real, and by the way, the expense of going through this, the expense of people having to show up now an hour, two hours, three hours to get through on particularly on Wednesday this week, it's going to be a zoo."


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