Arrest 10 white liberal democrats

We need to immediately send storm troopers into congress to arrest 10 white liberal democrats.

To quote Johnny Cochran, “forget the evidence.”

Just round them up, use batons or tasers if necessary, lock them up, and throw away the key.

We can select these 10 unlucky losers at random, or actually make the decision based on merit (or in the case of liberals, total lack of it). The Pelosiraptor, Henry Waxboy, and Jim McDermott can be the first three to go. David Bonior can join them as well. Although he is thankfully no longer in Congress, he is still an anti-Israel leftist with a sinister looking beard. Take him away. Barbara Boxer can be the upper chamber delegate to wear the orange jumpsuit, given her history of check kiting. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd would look great in orange jumpsuits.

So why is it so important to arrest 10 white democrats?

Because this is the only way to shut the leftist racial bombthrowers up about corrupt liberals Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters.

I have stayed largely silent on these two miscreants because going after them is pointless. They are above the law. They are as safe as Goldman Sachs (boy was I right when I pointed out they would get away totally free and clear). Unless either Waters or Rangel get caught with an underage child (Mel Reynolds) or with cash in the freezer (William Jefferson), they are not going anywhere.

However, just to be on the safe side, the race card is already being played.

(Those claiming not to have seen an ounce of such behavior should win an ostrich imitation award, and then be tested for syphilis, glaucoma, or any other affliction that causes blindness.)

This has absolutely nothing to do with race. The previously mentioned Cochran said that “race is a part of everything we do.”

No it isn’t.

We do not need a national conversation on race. We need everybody to shut up and sit down.

Rangel and Waters are accused of breaking the rules. Investigations are being conducted. Findings are being released.

This has nothing to do with Selma, Alabama, fire hoses being turned on people, James Byrd being murdered, the real color of vanilla extract, or the Rolling Stones song “Brown Sugar.”

Real racism exists in America. Yet false accusations of racism have become so prevalent that the accusations have gone from being hurtful to downright boring.

(Liberals cautioning about a rush to judgment still blame the previous administration for everything from war crimes to arthritis flareups. Their cries of patience and process are laughable.)

Rangel and Waters are not proof that we live in the same society as in 1863.

The only solution is reverse affirmative action.

Arrest as many white liberal democrats as possible. We can start with 10, and then expand the list to include all hybrid drivers, teachers unions, and every Massachusetts liberal, with waterboarding required for the ones with the worst Brahmin accents.

Those who will fight tooth and nail for Waters and Rangel will prove nothing other than their ability to let a pair of racial hucksters be given a free pass. Ironically, most of the people they cheated were also black, which will go unnoticed since black on black crime (white collar or blue collar) does not sell as many papers as stories of being oppressed by whitey.

If anybody wants proof of their guilt, just look how quiet the First Gasbag in Chief is being. If President Obama had an inkling of their innocence, he would stand up for them. He knows they are toxic to him, so under the bus they go. In this case, I agree with his silence.

So to avoid having to listen to how nothing has changed, America is racist, and conservatives are to blame for everything that has ever gone wrong since the beginning of existence, let’s just show racial solidarity by arresting white liberal democrats right now.

We can replace every single one of them with black conservative Republicans.

Until then, somebody please take these white liberal racists and introduce their mouths to the soft, sensuous feeling of high quality ductape.

Black people are only 12% of the population, yet they make up close to half the prison population. This has often been cited as proof of racism. Therefore, for every black congressman who gets in trouble, 10 white liberal congressman need to have their careers ended as well. It’s only fair.

As a top civil rights leader in America, there is only one thing left for me to say.

You’re welcome.



Eric Golub is the author of The Tygrrrr Express. His book, Ideological Bigotry is available now.



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