Barack's and Michelle's Anger Shocks, Devastates White House Party Attendees

White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs on Barack and Michelle Obama: "He was angry. Michelle was angry." Alleged party crasher Tareq Salahi: We're "shocked, devastated" and "greatly saddened."

Is it dignified or even appropriate for the president and first lady (or, celebutantes-in-chief) to get "angry" at an American couple who attended a White House party?

Do you think that it might be more appropriate to get angry and do something about Hasan's terrorist attack on Fort Hood or at Iran for building more nuclear enrichment facilities in defiance of the United Nations?

Appearing on a nationally broadcast morning news show with his wife, Tareq Salahi said the furor surrounding his and his wife Michaele's attendance at the dinner a week ago has been a "most devastating" experience. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs described President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama as angered by the incident.

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