Tim Tebow's high stakes Christianity

One journalist wrote the following, "I would like to ask you Tebowers: Why put so much belief into one person and in such quantity that no one could possibly live up to it? That’s exactly what has happened with Tebow. He can’t be as athletic, noble, kind, etc., as he has been portrayed. No one can."

In the past few years, Christianity was relegated to a few "shout-outs" to God at awards ceremonies or post interviews on national television. The word Jesus was snuck in quickly to avoid offending anyone, sort of like saying, "Oh by the way, I am a Christian." Sometimes comedians and sports radio hosts would mock such weak displays of religious faith. Tim Tebow however has gone against the grain. With an unafraid campaign to tell the world of his faith. If Heaven had a marketing director, Tebow would be that person. His patented "Tebowing" has become one of the cool social media trends that is imitated by millions, especially young Americans, along with planking and owling.

The last quarterback to evoke the Lord's name was Ben Rothlisberger when he emerged unscathed from his rape charges. He spoke to the media of his sudden discovery of faith. Then there is also the story of baseball's Josh Hamilton's fall from grace, speaking publicly of his drug addictions and how Christianity helped him recover. Tebow however is different, embracing Christianity from the very start of his career with full pride, no matter the circumstance. There is no appeal by Tebow, to the sports world, for a second chance or that his faith is a rehabilitation program.

Tebow is setting a super high expectation level on his public persona with the possibility of a huge, public crash and burn. Every word, every gesture, everything he does is under the microscope and he is knowingly carrying that burden. Tim Tebow's high stakes Christianity will indeed change the world if he can keep from fumbling in his personal life. In the future, instead of news stories of weapon charges, murders, and killing puppies, we will begin to hear about more athletes doing missions trips, building hospitals, and helping with charity projects. Anyone can score touchdowns when there is no pressure or opposition, but true stars are born when the stakes are at the highest level possible. Christianity has found its superstar. 


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Did you just fault Josh Hamilton's Christianity as insincere and second-rate because of his previous condition as an addict?  Because I'm pretty sure that the whole point of the prodigal son story is that Jesus disagrees.

Iam proud of my brother Tim, for showing a true example of true believing 

faith in Jesus our Lord, praise God


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