Bill Flores for Congress

Last Tuesday, August 31, Karl Rove was in College Station to host a fundraiser luncheon for Texas Congressional District 17 Republican nominee Bill Flores. It was a great event with a lot of information, great conservatives, and good food (which is pretty rare for a college student who has just ordered books).

Karl Rove was here in College Station to illustrate how critically important the race in TX-17 is. Congressman Chet Edwards is the political equivalent of a snake in the grass AND a chameleon. Edwards is so out of touch with his conservative constituency, yet always seems to manage holding on to his seat by being someone here that he isn’t! If we can fire Chet, Nancy Pelosi will lose a very close ally, and we will be one seat closer to removing her from power.

Congressman Edwards has been in a rough position since President Obama took office and started increasing the size of government. Edwards agrees with the far-left agenda of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, but the people of TX17 don’t! So what is a Congressman like Chet Edwards supposed to do? Well, he flat out avoided his constituents during the last August recess when tempers over Obamacare were at a high, then he waited until they knew they had the votes to pass it before he voted against it, and now he’s trying to change the subject. He doesn’t want people to remember that he supports the liberal, job-killing agenda of the far-left. This campaign is about doing what is right for this country, and being a lieutenant to Nancy Pelosi is nowhere near right for America!

The people of TX17 deserve better! They deserve someone who actually shares their beliefs, not someone they’ll have to worry about when big votes come up. The people of TX17 also deserve someone who knows how to create private sector jobs and grow our economy. That person is Bill Flores.

I am so excited to be from TX23, where Francisco “Quico” Canseco is giving Congressman Ciro Rodriquez a run for his money, and attending college in TX17 where Bill Flores is going to BTHO (that’s “Beat The Hell Outta” for all non-Aggies) Congressman Chet Edwards! These are two very important and winnable races here in Texas, but they’re not going to be easy. Both incumbents are sneaky, but the momentum is on the side of their challengers. Come election night, Nancy Pelosi will very well be short two allies from Texas!


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