Bill White Counts Homeschoolers As Dropouts

In an interview on WBAP's Mark Davis Show, Governor Rick Perry explained that the Texas high school dropout rate is 10%. However, Bill White recently lashed out, stating that it was closer to 30% partly due to homeschoolers. Bill White is either desperately trying to inflate the dropout numbers to make Perry look bad, or he actually believes that homeschooling is equivalent to dropping out of school. White's spokesman goes on to describe how the state will track homeschooled children.

The last thing homeschool parents want is more government intrusion! Liberal propaganda in our public school systems is often the very thing homeschool parents are trying to escape by homeschooling their children. TexasGOPVote recently unveiled a handout passed out in an AP U.S. government class, which gave an extremely warped and biased explanation of the difference between liberals and conservatives. Maybe Bill White should focus on fixing issues like these, rather than attacking the homeschool community...


Mr Bill White is very obviously uneducated himself!!! He has very obviously not checked the statistics on homeschooled children, for if he had he would know that homeschool children actually rank HIGHER then public school kids when it comes to test scores.
So Mr. White, if you want to talk about homeschoolers please "EDUCATE" yourself before doing so.
The only thing we have "dropped" out of is being held to having our children learn what society thinks they should learn........We have chosen to teach them ourselves so that we can assure they get good core education and learn the values and principals WE want them to learn!

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