Bill White’s Tax Hide-and-Seek: Day 2

The following is a press release sent in from the Republican Party of Texas:

AUSTIN — Democratic gubernatorial nominee Bill White on Monday refused to release his complete tax records. White’s withholding of information that Texas voters need fits a pattern seen across the entire Democratic Party.

“Bill White is applying to work for the people of Texas, but he’s not being straight with his prospective bosses,” said Republican Party spokesman Bryan Preston. “From Nancy Pelosi telling Americans that the only way to find out what’s in the Democrats’ health care bill is to pass it into law, to President Obama’s smoke and mirrors act on ‘jobs saved or created,’ to Bill White’s failure to disclose his finances, it’s clear that trial lawyer White fits right in with his party’s liberal establishment. White says he is a moderate but in reality he is another liberal Pelosi-Obama Democrat through and through.”
Article: “White declines to match Perry on personal financial disclosure,” R.G. Ratcliffe, Houston Chronicle, March 8, 2010

The issue here is transparency, and so far Mr. White is lacking in that essential characteristic.

Bryan Preston, RPT Communications Director
[email protected]

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