Bill White for Texas

. . . not! Excuse me, I meant to say "Bill White 'TOO LIBERAL' for Texas."


The Texas Democrats gathered in Corpus Christi recently for their state convention, and while I attended the Republican Party of Texas convention in Dallas early last month, I figured I should educate myself and listen to what the other party had to say. From what I could find, it was exactly what I expected--boring and kind of depressing. I mean, there are only so many times in two decades that you can say that this is the year Democrats are going to win a state-wide office before you just start laughing.


I am really beginning to think that Texas Democrats live in a totally different universe, one in which national Democrats have done an amazing job at reversing the recession and Texas conservatives have done a terrible job at weathering the storm. It was a common theme at the convention that the GOP is recklessly spending tax dollars and partakes in too much deficit spending. I don't claim to be a genius, but I thought President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Harry Reid all had a "D" next to their name. I am also pretty sure that the largest budget deficits in history have all been written by the Democrat-controlled Congress and approved by the most liberal president in history.


I guess it doesn't matter that Texas has a balanced budget, the most recession-proof cities of any states, and has continually netted more jobs created than any other state, and in 2008 more so than all states combined. Best part is that we really did this without so much as a peep from Texas Democrats. I am aware that this all sounds very boastful, but Texas really is a model of success in a nation drowning in red ink! There has got to be a point where we get past the partisanship of the election season and give credit where it is deserved.


I would have credited the Obama Administration with a success if their stimulus package had done as promised and kept unemployment below 8 percent, yet the fact remains that Keynesian economics once again failed. Meanwhile, Texas has done the opposite and our economy is in better shape. So why is it that Texas Democrats can't count their blessings and acknowledge that while Texas does have problems, they are nowhere near the fiscal messes that face liberal states and our nation?


Texas has been successful because, as Governor Perry likes to say, we follow these simple principles:

1 - don't spend all the money and keep taxes low

2 - keep regulations fair and predictable

3 - cut down on over-suing and reduce frivolous lawsuits.


As we all know, jobs and the economy are still number one in the mind's of voters and Texas is the number one state when it comes to job creation and the economy! At the end of the day, we are all Texan--Democrat or Republican or Independent--so I ask anybody reading this to (Yes, I'm stealing a Bill White theme.) "keep Texas moving forward" and work to re-elect Governor Rick Perry! While the rest of the nation is being faced with unsustainable deficit spending, Texas is being faced with the prospect of an additional four congressional seats because of all the positive economic growth we have experienced in the past decade. Not so coincidentally, Republicans have been in charge here in Texas and have worked hard putting Texans to work, even in the face of a national recession.


If you do still do not think Texas would be better off with four more years of Governor Perry, then be brave (or insane) like me and watch liberal Bill's convention speech. You'll quickly see that he is running from his record and being dishonest with Texans by misrepresenting our solid record of growth--well, that is if you can actually stay awake during his speech (Spoiler: It's pretty boring.) . . . plus, his attempt at Spanish made me cringe.




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