Bin Laden Found on Tips from Guantanamo Bay, Didn’t Obama Want to Shut that Place Down and Release the Terrorists?

Some have asked me if I am trying to politicize the death of Osama Bin Laden. I say no. I just want to give credit where credit is due. The death of Bin Laden is an amazing day in the history of America and I am very happy, just as everyone else is. But the full credit needs to go to our brave men and women who have fought and died over the last decade. THANK YOU SOLDIERS AND INTEL PERSONNEL. These brave men and women laid the groundwork which led to these tips which eventually led to finding Bin Laden. The credit needs to also go to President George W. Bush. It was his policies (which Obama greatly criticized) that led us to Bin Laden. Obama’s speech after Bin Laden’s death was all about how Obama caught Bin Laden. Yes, Bin Laden was caught under Obama’s watch. President Obama deserves some credit of course, and I thank Obama for making the call to go into Pakistan to kill Bin Laden, but Bin Laden was not found because of Obama and instead, Bin Laden was found IN SPITE of him.

Numerous news stories have come out which show that we found Bin Laden based off of tips from Guantanamo Bay and other terrorist detention centers.

Wait a second! Didn’t Obama say that Bush was a really bad guy for having those detention centers and we should bring these terrorists to America to be given American rights and even release some of them? Yep, he sure did. Thank God Guantanamo Bay was not shut down because if not for tips from the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, we might never have found Bin Laden. Do you think those terrorists would have been talking if we gave them a lawyer and put them in a cozy American Prison with TVs and guitars? NO! President Bush kept America safe since 9/11 and his policies helped us finally get Osama Bin Laden. In fact, the original tips that led to Bin Laden started coming in under Bush and long before Obama was President! So thank you President Obama for following through because you could have decided not to. Thank you. But we can thank Bush and the years of Dedication from our Military Service members as the reason for the groundwork and tips that led to this great time in our history when Osama Bin Laden was brought to Justice.


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