On Fox, Cornyn Discusses Democrats’ Push for Impeachment


Really what they're doing is squandering what they got in the last election, which is a working majority in the House of Representatives to work with us and work together to try to pass legislation that would benefit the American people.

Hurd Continues Fighting for Texas Veterans


Roughly 20 American combat war veterans take their own lives each day, and veterans who have regular contact with VA health services are less likely to commit suicide than those with little or no interactions. We must keep the promises we made to those who have served and make sure our veterans have access to the care they have earned

The Brady Briefing: Trump Immigration Plan Is Pro-American

We must work together to shut the backdoor of illegal immigration so that we can keep open the front door of legal immigration. This will protect American wages and strengthen our workforce, and I support President Trump’s ongoing efforts.

Cornyn Again Urges OMB to Release $4 Billion in Harvey Relief as Hurricane Season Approaches

The bipartisan Disaster Recovery Funding Act would start a timer – a shot clock, if you will – on when OMB must release the money, giving them 60 days to get these dollars untangled from the red tape and get them to the communities that desperately need them.

Nearly 400 Lawmakers Call on Trump to Address Threats in Syria

The conflict in Syria is complicated, and the potential solutions are not perfect, but our only choice is to advance policies that can stop the growing threats to U.S. interests, Israel, and regional security and stability.

Sen. Cruz Leads Letter to FDA: ‘Expand the Parallel Track to Target Devastating Diseases’

Created in 1992, the Parallel Track allowed individuals to access breakthrough drugs to treat HIV/AIDS years ahead of such drugs' final FDA approval, while these drugs were still in Phase II and III clinical trials. Thousands of sufferers had their lives saved because of this quicker access to innovative medications.

Hurd Signs Discharge Petition to Strengthen America’s Security in the Middle East and Fight the BDS Movement


The United States is a critical partner in a violent and turbulent region and we must stand with Israel against rising antisemitism around the world.

Attempt to Ban Government-Mandated Paid Sick Leave Falls Short in the Texas Legislature

Cities and Counties in Texas will still be able to tell private employers that they must provide paid sick leave, something Republicans in the Legislature failed to rein in this year. The Texas House on Sunday effectively killed the legislation to ban such ordinances when the decision was made to not place the issue on the agenda ahead of critical deadlines this week.

Congressman Bill Flores Discusses This Week in Washington

I issued the following statements regarding H.R. 5, the Equality Act; H.R.


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