Chip Roy

Thursday night, I joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News to call out Congress for passing a bill that sends 40 billion dollars to Ukraine without serious debate — and while ignoring the American people suffering from inflation....
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Thursday, on the anniversary of routing the Mexican dictator Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto, Texas celebrated the hard-won birth of our republic and the restoration of our God-given liberties as a people. The...
On Monday, I led 75 of my House colleagues in formally calling on President Biden’s Interior Secretary, Deb Haaland, to provide the Honor Flight Network with the vehicular escort services granted in past years.
I recently joined Sen. Mike Lee (Utah) and 38 of our Republican colleagues in the House and Senate to formally pressure the State Department to assist American families in the midst of adopting Ukrainian orphans.
At a time when our hard-won freedoms are increasingly under attack by the federal government it is more important than ever that we follow in our state's forefathers' footsteps in fighting for liberty in Texas and America....
Bearing arms in self-defense is a human right. It is evident from the ATF’s behavior that, under Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, the agency is hellbent on attacking the Second Amendment through every means at its disposal...
On Friday, I introduced the Passport Sanity Act to prevent United States passports from being used to promote radical gender ideology.
The perpetrator, Montez Terriel Lee, Jr., set a pawn shop on fire during the 2020 riots in Minneapolis; that fire killed a father of five whose body was later discovered in the rubble.
I sent a letter to President Biden Tuesday in opposition to a recent executive order that forces the federal government to adopt radical environmental policies that harm our domestic energy producers and bolster our enemies...
On Thursday, I joined Charles Payne on Fox News to discuss the TRUST in Congress Act, a bipartisan effort to promote transparency and reduce opportunities for members of Congress to engage in potentially nefarious activity...
On Wednesday, I sent a letter opposing Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough’s decision to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for VA employees.
On Thursday, Rep. Scott Perry (PA-10) and I led our House Republican colleagues in urging the Environmental Protection Agency to alleviate skyrocketing gas and grocery prices by waiving biofuel blending mandates under the...
Tuesday, I voted against H.R. 2954. There are indeed many provisions in the bill that I support, including those that provide much needed flexibilities that will help Americans save for their retirement.
This body needs to stop throwing together important legislation at the last minute and allow its members to vote on clean, single-issue bills. 
As much as I favor harsher penalties for violent offenders, this is a matter for the states and I will not vote for legislative deception.
As a former federal prosecutor, I don't need to look at the case files here to know that 19 Austin police officers are being politically targeted by a radical leftist district attorney after being targeted by a radical...
The brief backs up Feds for Medical Freedom as they continue to fight President Biden’s unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the entire federal workforce.
As the CDC data shows, there is no 'pressing need' for infants and toddlers to get vaccinated as COVID-19 poses an extremely low risk of death or hospitalization to children.
Our letter comes after the New York Times released a scathing report highlighting the appallingly high false-positive rate of noninvasive prenatal genetic screenings (85%) for rare genetic disorders.
The constant, blatant attack on the American people's ability to make their own decisions for their health, their lives, and their communities is proving to be the Democrat's actual agenda.



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