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The first death since the Rodney Ellis led Harris County Commissioner's Court (without Commissioners Radack or Cagle) passed a radical PR bond program, which among other things, releases dangerous people into our community...
It started as a way to help poor non-violent offenders to get out of jail and not get stuck in our system. Unfortunately, the deal neglects giving the District Attorney's Office the resources to do its job efficiently, full...
If the July 15th campaign finance reports, which cover the period from January 1 - June 30, are a reliable indicator, then the race for mayor of Houston is shaping up to be a two-way contest.
Since 1979, U.S.-Iran relations have been frayed to say the least. The overthrow of the Shah, a sort of U.S. ally, by the radical Islamic clerics was followed by the Iran hostage crisis which ultimately lost Jimmy Carter the...
Houston we have a problem. Let's take a quick glance of the areas for concern! 
With the 2019 session now history, we had some good things for conservatives and some things we didn't get done.
Unplanned movie banner
Here's another example of the politically correct censorship of free speech.
It continues to amaze me, reading foreign newspapers, especially in Asia, that U.S. centric coverage is virtually nil. They are focused on their own countries, as they should be.
The recent victory of Democrat Kyrsten Sinema's in the Arizona Senate race was an upset. This was the first time a Democrat was elected from Arizona since 1988! So are there lessons here for Texas?
According to Bill King, a little discussed provision that commits Houston's hard pressed taxpayers to pay taxes until 2031 and easily beyond:
The major media covers only part of the stories, covering up Islamic and leftist shooters and playing up radical right acts only.
If you have been following the Houston Mayor's race you noticed former Governor and now Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry weighed in a second time on candidate Bill King.
As a TV host, radio commentator, and chronicler of our political lives, I needed to watch the four hours of the Democrats debates last week.
Despite claims to manipulated statistics, the homeless problems in Texas are accelerating. You don't have to believe what you hear; you can look with your own eyes with tents popping up regularly and the number of homeless...
It is important for us to be vigilant observers of our deteriorating culture and disappearing traditional principles this nation was founded on.
Sylvester Turner
Sylvester Turner, when elected Mayor of Houston narrowly in 2015, ran as a smart policy candidate whose long record of elected office enabled him to see through all the BS.
Remember the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Emperor's New Clothes? A fun story where the Emperor is fawned toward and lied to, being told what he wants to hear when it wasn't true.
The City of Houston has many challenges, deteriorating infrastructure, public safety is not treated as number one, crime is on the rise, and equipment for the fire and police are not adequate. We had a major flood event over...
2018 elections
The widely heralded blue wave did not show up nationally in the U.S. in 2018, but it did show up to a small extent in Texas and was overwhelming in Harris and Fort Bend Counties!
I have been studying left-wing public policy ideas if they take control of Congress and/or the White House, read about it and go vote Republican.



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