Quanell X on Radicalization of Black American Muslims - "Where is the outrage?" - VIDEO

When Representative Peter King began his hearings on the radicalization of black American Muslims by extremist Muslims in March, Houston activist Quanell X (Houston based Leader of the New Black Panther Party) and I debated the issue on Houston's Fox 26 News. After a lively exchange during the broadcast segment, Quanell X, Fox's Tom Zizka and I had an opportunity to continue in more depth the discussion we started on TV. What followed is a truly remarkable conversation where Quanell X asks "where is the outrage?" and decries Radical Muslims in America, their disrespect for women, and their recruiting and radicalization of African-Americans as cannon fodder. He speaks about Osama bin Laden's "color rule" and how bin Laden said he would waive it to make Whitney Houston one of his wives (see behind-the-scenes VIDEO).

Fox in Focus - Houston's Fox 26

In the "after the debate discussion" Quanell asked the question, "Where is the outrage?" from Muslim leaders across America when radical Imams come into local mosques and prisons to recruit black Americans to their extremist agenda.

"Where's the outrage", Quanell continued, "when we dehumanize and devalue women to the point where they are not even seen as humans? Where's the outrage?" He went on to say, "...at the end of the day, Muslims should be more outraged and angry with the poor representation that WE are allowing of other Muslims to have in this country."

After the Debate

The discussion continues as Quanell X says "The greatest threat to America is not foreign Muslims." He continued, "Their (radical Muslims) number one desire is to get into the prison systems of America."

"You can't trace and follow them like you can Arabs," Quanell said as to why extremists want to recruit men from our prisons. He went on to illustrate that Arab Muslims do not really care about black Americans or their issues.

"Al Qaida and Muslim extremists, their number one desire is to get into the prison system of America and go after the African-American converts to Islam who already feel disenfranchised, disconnected, angry with the system and feel they have nothing to lose... if you can radicalize them and make them believe that your fight over there is your Muslim fight over here, then they become your radicalized element and a terrorist attack, within the borders of America, and remember you can't trace and follow them like you do Arabs... and the sad part is that that Arab-Muslim element don't give a damn about African-American Muslims in this country, but they'll use us as cannon fodder...", Quanell stated.

"Even Osama bin Laden, when he spoke about his affinity toward Whitney Houston, said this (and many African-American Muslims never caught this), he said that he was so attracted to Whitney Houston, he would make her one of his wives, and he would go away from his 'color rule'... what kind of color rule do you have, Osama?", Quanell said illustrating the radical Muslim's disdain for African Americans in general.

Bob Price (TexasGOPVote), Quanell X (New Black Panther Party), Tom Zizka (Fox 26 News Anchor)

He said the reason that most American Muslim leaders will not stand up to the extremist element is that "they're afraid..." "They're afraid that extremist element will go after them," he continued.

Quanell X committed to continuing this discussion with TexasGOPVote and Fox 26. We hope to bring you more on this issue soon.


Behind the Scenes at Fox 26 News

Following are some behind the scenes shots of the setup and broadcasting of a Fox 26 News at 9 broadcast.

Fox Executive Producer Geoff Roth(L) works with staff to prepare broadcast

Preparing camera for Bob Price's segment of debate with Quanell X.

Fox 26 Anchor Tom Zizka (R) prepares to wire up Quanell X for the debate.

Fox 26 Anchor Tom Zizka prepares to moderate the Fox in Focus debate between Bob Price and Quanell X.


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