Breaking News: Republican Senator Lindsey Graham Announces That He Will Vote to Confirm Elena Kagan

Today Elena Kagan faces her first vote in the United States Senate. The Senate Judiciary Committtee is dominated by Democrats so Kagan is nearly certain to sail through this first round - as of this morning no Democrat has announced opposition to Kagan.

Senator Lindsey Graham, the GOP Senator from South Carolina has just announced on C-SPAN that he will vote in support of Kagan.


Texas Senator John Cornyn announced last week that he would oppose Kagan's nomination.  The top ranking GOP member of the Judiciary Committee, Jeff Sessions stated this morning that he will also oppose Kagan's nomination.

As of this posting Kagan has 26 votes in favor of her confirmation and 16 votes against; all "nay" votes are from GOP members.


Lindsey Graham supports Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. What else is new coming from this RINO? My question is why didn't the Republican Party filibuster her nomination. I called Senator Bond on numerous times for the Republicans to filibuster her and was told he has not made a decision on her, yet. WHAT?? She is anti-first amendment, anti-second amendment and anti-military. Therefore, she should not be a Supreme Court Judge.
Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for MO Senate 22  

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