Breitbart at CPAC: shares bar trick to fluster thugs, code pink, community organized crowds

Andrew Breitbart shares trick to fluster community organized thugs, code pinkAndrew Breitbart was first speaker at CPAC on Saturday. He provided insight into the mindless operations of union and ACORN organized crowds and thugs, pointing out they are mindless, follow instructions and use identical, expensive, union-printed signs.  Breitbart shared a "bar trick" to easily fluster, frustrate and redirect these crowds, giving an example of how he instructed a crowd at a rally to go to Applebee's, a directive they obediently followed.  Breitbart discusses Code Pink's appearance at the recent Koch Foundation meeting and that Code Pink's time has passed.  He decries it is vulgar that Obama, a US President, has his fingerprints on organizations like ACORN and the organizers of these mindless crowds.  He says they're not American. A brief summary of Breitbart's speech is given below.

Steve Crowder opened as EMCEE for the first Saturday session.  He opens with discussion about gays in the GOP, noting it's awkward when a liberal says conservatives have an issue with gays, and then get the response from the conservative, "I'm gay!".  The next question might be "well, er, how gay?", to which the answer could be "Anderson Cooper gay!".  Breibart is introduced next by Guy Benson of  Then Breitbart takes the podium and here are notes with what he had to say:

I'm not sure why I made a career of taking down the institutional left, thought it might look good on my resume.  Decided to direct my goods at the center of the mainstream media.  Focus obsessively on an issue and that is what is needed.  Even some conservatives say I go too far and am showing my ADD, but that's what is necessary.

Here's what happened over last year.  I'm from LA, never claimed to be that deep.  Noticed community organizing for Obama by unions.  Weird collusion of political class, using these thugs.  Learned something -- now calling it bar trick.

My friend Gary called me at the height of it - Acorn protesting in front of Fox affiliate at the height of the Acorn scandal.  They had big buttons, "we are ACORN, ask us why?".  So I walked up and asked why?  They just keep chanting, "we are Acorn, mighty mighty Acorn!".  They were just programmed to chant and look good on television.  Here they had a good opportunity, I was the guy who broke the video.  They just got frustrated and didn't know what to do.

Breitbart then started talking about another event, Right Nation rally, that occurred at the same place that the lingerie football league is played.  Then he started drifting into the lingerie football league and caught himself, "Did I just talk about that?  Wait a minute..."

Many of these people chanting are paid minimum wage.  Many are homeless.  They have these incredibly expensive printed out signs by "the union printshop".  I went to them one by one asking, your pre-printed sign says "Glenn Beck Lies", can you give me an example of one lie?  Well that was just like water on their circuitry.

It's vulgar to think that the president of the United States has his fingerprints all over this.

I don't know if I'm a sick, twisted person, but I'm looking at Craig's list now to look for Rallies.  I'm going with Brandon Darby because he, formerly liberal activist, discovered a plot by the left to bomb the republican convention.

I went to the Koch brothers event.  Here is how the media is done.  We've exposed George Soros to the point of absurdity... and Van Jones, etc.  So the institutional left had to come up with a counter-narrative.  Their counter-narrative is the Koch Foundation are evil billionaires.  Koch creates jobs that the left wants to destroy!  I put on my roller blades and I saw Jodie Evans of Code Pink.  I saw Jodie Evans at a Code Pink event raising funds.  The left can't stand that we might do things they do and one-up them!

I hate to editorialize, but I see sick, darkened hearts in the left.

So back to the Koch thing.  They had a chant list, written with what they are supposed to say.  I wanted to see it.  And they didn't recognize who I was.  One guy says "we need a revolution!".  I asked "what kind" and he responded "like Egypt".  Another guy chants "socialism!"

There are two groups in the left - the Marxist-Leninists and the Gradualists.  Obama is the master of the gradualists.  The Marxists thought this is their moment.

They were chanting "no justice, no peace!" as they were on the verge of rushing into the place where the Koch event was taking place.

We started to see what the real game is here.  The code pink ladies are getting boring.  They used to be good looking, they used to look kind of slutty, but now just boring.

I rollerbladed up to Jodie Evans and asked her what this is about.  She explained what the "no peace" meant - it meant that if there is no justice, then there will be no peace.

We got them being violent.  We got them saying they want to string up Clarence Thomas, kill Roger Ayles, start a bloody revolution.  They are not American, they are animals.  And they are being organized by the president to intimidate the masses to shut up.

I got on my rollerblades to do my bar trick.  I rolled up to them and I said to them, "it's been a great day, let's go to Applebee's" and guess what, they went to Applebee's like the herd that they are!


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