Bryan Underwood Makes Rally Cry for Conservative Judges: Economy Requires Stable Legal Environment

The following news update was sent in from Bryan Underwood's campaign. Bryan Underwood is the Republican candidate running against Democratic incumbent Henry Cuellar in the 28th Congressional District of Texas.

Seguin – Bryan Underwood rallied his congressional campaign supporters today while making a call for conservative judges.

“America needs stability to come out of this recession and one big ingredient of a stable environment is a conservative judiciary. We are reminded of this now as President Barack Obama has named his pick to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens of the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Bryan Underwood, Republican candidate for Texas’ CD-28.
“Elections have consequences and the last two Federal elections of 2006 and 2008 have given Washington liberals and their supporters the power to appoint activist judges to the Federal bench.
“I call on voters in South Texas and Central Texas to join me in my effort to return common sense conservative leadership to Congress, and help ensure our judiciary is not overrun with activist judges who twist the Constitution and our laws to conform to their out-of-touch agenda.
“Sadly, our incumbent Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar supports the liberal regime of President Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco. The common sense citizens of South and Central Texas deserve better and I ask for their support today.”
Bryan Underwood is a husband, father and small business owner living in Seguin and is now running to represent Texas’ 28th Congressional District. He overcame great adversity in his early adulthood and has been able to pursue the American Dream because he was able to build a family and successful small business through hard work, tenacity and the love of others.
The stable environment that fostered Bryan through his trials is needed everywhere but the liberal regime in Washington is now making up and changing rules as it goes along -hurting families, jobs, the economy and the fabric of our nation.
It is Bryan’s hope that all Texans be blessed with the same opportunity he has had. He is running for Congress to help ensure our economy is not burdened by excessive taxation, ill-planned regulation and increasing intrusion of the Federal government into everyday life.
Bryan calls for lower taxes, less spending, smarter regulation, a stable conservative judiciary and more freedom for the proud citizens of South and Central Texas.


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