Bush vs Gore 10 years later

Ten years ago, Al Gore tried to steal the presidency of George W. Bush.

That is how the story should be written for all of history, but the left will try to spin it otherwise.

Rehashing every single moment in the 36 day 2000 Election drama would be more boring than an Al Gore speech. A decade later, some things that were true in 2000 remain true in 2010.

Richard Nixon could have sued to challenge the election of John Kennedy in 1960. There was real election fraud, with dead people in Chicago and other dirty tricks in LBJ’s home state of Texas providing the difference. Nixon refused to challenge the results because he did not want to plunge America into a constitutional crisis.

Republicans are the party of laws. Democrats are the party of lawyers. Even when Nixon was on the rocks, he resigned to avoid an impeachment trial. At his two lowest moments, he wanted to spare the country from crisis. Bill Clinton and Al Gore continued the tradition of Democrats trying to win at all costs, regardless of who gets hurt.

The 2000 election combined with the Clinton impeachment also led to the left embarking on a poisoning of our culture that we may never recover from.

While the original politics of personal destruction began in 1987 with drunk driver and negligent homicide perpetrator Ted Kennedy verbally butchering Judge Robert Bork, the 2000 election finally allowed the leftist lunatic fringe to run wild.

George W. Bush did not steal the election. He simply won a close election. There was no fraud, unless one counts Al Gore trying to manufacture votes with concepts such as “undervotes.” Voter intent became whatever Gore said it was.

Yet to the rabid frothing left, President Bush was an evil murderer, torturer, Nazi, Fascist, racist (stop me when you’re bored from the slurs) bigot who “stole” the presidency.

The left never ever gave him a chance. They despised him from the moment he was declared the winner. On every issue, their predetermined opinion of him led them. By responding with civility, Bush made them more enraged. They will never accept that he won the presidency honestly.

The left did not complain when the the liberal media led by Bush-despising “fake but accurate” memo supporting Gunga Dan Rather gleefully called Florida for Gore before the heavily Republican Panhandle polls closed.

The left had no complaints when that same liberal media in conjunction with Al Gore broke the Bush drunk driving scandal four days before the election. In 2000 and 2004, the left did everything they could to get into the gutter to drag President Bush down with 11th hour hit jobs. No gutter is too low for the left.

The left complains that he was a “Supreme Court appointed” president based on a 5-4 vote. Would the left say the same thing had Gore won 5-4? Of course not. The Florida Supreme Court ruled 4-3 in favor of Gore, and the left was hailing the decision. The left has used the courts for decades to force their agenda, yet dare to criticize the courts the rare times they lose.

Lower district court rulings went in favor of Bush, and those judges were Democrats, including N. Sander Sauls. Liberals dismissed this as rulings by “Southern Democrats,” as if that should mean anything other than liberals dismissing anything not in total agreement with them.

Then Al Gore did what liberals do. He tried to simply make up new rules. Rather than agree to a statewide recount, he tried to only have a recount in four heavily liberal areas. The goal was simple. Get the lead, declare that the American people were “exhausted” by the process, and declare that we should all “move on.”

This tactic allowed Al Franken to steal the Minnesota Senate seat from Norm Coleman and for Christine Gregoire to steal the Washington State Governorship from Dino Rossi. Those elections had real voter fraud.

Eventually it was ruled that Gore had to have a statewide recount, but that there was no time to get it done in time by the deadline.

Had this been New Jersey, the deadline would have been ignored, which is how Frank Lautenberg illegally got back on the ballot to steal another election.

Yet all Florida did was enforce the law.

Democrats claimed that Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris was a partisan hack. Yet they had no problem with a Democrat Attorney General using every legal trick in the book to get Gore over the goal line.

Again, conservatives are about laws. Liberals are about lawyers.


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Eric Golub is the author of The Tygrrrr Express. His books, Ideological Bigotry, Ideological Violence, and Ideological Idiocy are available now.



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