CA Attorney General Tells ACORN Not to Worry

While ACORN is under investigation in many states, California's Attorney General, Jerry Brown (who will be running for CA governor), thinks that the fault will be found, not with ACORN, but with the people that filmed the undercover video! Attorney General Brown has gone as far as to tell ACORN not to worry.

So much for investigating the supposed target of the investigation – ACORN – not to mention that it should be well beyond suspicious that an investigative unit of the government would tell an entity under investigation, i.e. ACORN, what will be found about others.

Plus, isn't it ironic that Attorney General Brown would accuse the undercover video tapers for being at fault when his own spokesman was caught in a similar act?

Attorney General Brown’s “spokesman” recently was given the boot for illegally taping telephone conversations with reporters – ironic yes?

Let's hope that this ACORN investigation is just and that the Obama Administration and his leftist friends don't try to cover it up!


ACORN, SEIU are very much the driving force for any continuation of the Democratic party in winning elections.  Not only California Atty Gen Brown isn't acting in a manner consistent with any ongoing investigation so is Holder, the U.S. Atty Gen & head of our so called Department of Justice.  This is even more reason it is imperative the GOP/RNC get their act together and realize mainstream legal citizens are increasing in numbers, awareness, interest and concern with politics as usual.  The GOP is in dire need for real leadership and candidates with a strong voice for less gov't, less spending of taxpayers money, strict Constitutionalist, term limits & being on the same retirement, health benefits as every citizen.  The days of political compromise, being "politically correct" and getting so far removed from our Christian values, freedoms and foundations which made our country the greatest in the history of mankind must come to an end.  The time is now so seize the opportunity with the same passion, commmitment, duty, integrity and honor of our founding fathers.

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