Campaign Bold And High Points For Republicans

Some weeks ago, a writing of mine was posted that called for an end to Republican posing and dithering on what are vital American issues. I have re-edited that post to create a list of essentials for Republicans to campaign on and a new Republican majority to act on.

  1. Apologize: "We were wrong." Republicans fell into the Washington standard of dishing pork for constituents. We hear Americans' concern about politicians putting parochial interest above the health and vitality of the country and the ideals of our Constitution.
  2. Repeal Obamacare and build a market based incentive program for lower cost and higher quality of care. Such a program would commence to move the already enormous federal spending on medical care, to state jurisdiction. If a Republican majority is elected and repeals the law, and President Obama vetoes it, defund it and keep sending a repeal up for him to veto. And if necessary, RUN HARD on it in 2012.
  3. Democrats propose that Republican selection of candidates who revere the long-ignored constitutional ideals means that they will have "extremists" to run against. If anyone thinks a 13 trillion dollar debt, 130 trillion dollars of unfunded entitlement liabilities, and a society flooded with unsubstantiated currency with a precarious bond and credit status is "mainstream," then it is the mainstream that has entirely lost its bearings. We need to devolve power, wealth, and responsibility to the states.
  4. Endorse states that vigorously prosecute and severely sanction all criminal and violent behavior by both domestic and immigrant elements, and devise a worker status that identifies, encourages, and taxes peaceful and industrious immigrants to help us rebuild lively economic activity.
  5. Endorse state nullification of federal legislation that unconstitutionally commandeers state jurisdiction to define social policy on matters like marriage and abortion.

If establishment Republicans are blinded by political habit and can’t take advantage of this unique place in history where people are looking for new answers, to finally speak and act clearly about liberty and constitutional principle, maybe the only question is whether they will be holding the bag when default or major inflation comes, or they will last long enough to get kicked out just like Democrats did two years after their largest victory since Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. Democrats are saying Republicans are dumping establishment politicians to run "extremists" in the general election. If you can’t see after the primary losses of Republican establishment-backed candidates, that the animated mood that spawned the tea parties doesn’t want the status quo from either party, conservatives will miss their swing at a big fat gopher ball of opportunity.

In brief, we need a restoration of the uniquely American respect for and faith in the challenge and productive potential of liberty.


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