Candidate Stephen Broden (CD-30) Reflects on the Founding Republican Values (VIDEO)

Stephen Broden describes himself as a Frederick Douglass Republican, reflecting the original thinking that formed the Republican party and moved our nation away from the tyranny of slavery. That was a revolution. However, some establishment Republicans still need to learn this. Broden, running for U.S. Congress in CD-30, was recently endorsed by the Dallas Morning News in the wake of the scholarship ethics scandal of incumbent Eddie Bernice Johnson. Broden has gained broad support within his 30th congressional district from a range of conservatives and people concerned for their country, including many democrats who are disappointed with the lack of leadership from E.B. Johnson and her failure to attract businesses and jobs into TX-30. Supporters also include Ken Emanuelson, a leading tea party supporter. While Broden has made substantial headway within the Republican party at a state and national level, some local republican establishment hold-outs like Dallas County Republican Chairman Jonathan Neerman have yet to issue their endorsement for the candidate in their own party and their own district.

Watch as Stephen Broden talks about the principles that led to the formation of the Republican party and why it is important for citizens to be active and get out and vote so we can right this ship.

Transcript from video:

I could sit back and complain, but as I stood in the inner city and observed the kind of social maelstrom that is going on in the inner city, I recognized that there needed to be a shifting, a changing, a philosophical change, one that moves us away from dependency upon government, and standing up and becoming personally responsible for the changes that needed to take place within our community.
I happen to be a Republican, but I am a Frederick Douglass Republican. A Frederick Douglass Republican reflects a thinking that I think a thinking that helped to shape our nation and move our nation away from slavery. It was the abolitionists who stood up and identified an evil that was being perpetrated in our culture at the time, and Frederick Douglass is one of those champions that birthed into our nations history a Republican Party. That Republican Party was responsible for ending slavery in America. The first Black elected officials came out of the Republican Party, and they stood for principles that helped to define our relationship with this nation and started us on the path of first class citizenship in this country; so Im a Frederick Douglass Republican, and Im not ashamed of that. I think there is a legacy and a history that we can look to and be proud of in connection with that.
The Republican Party, no doubt about it, its message has been garbled, its message has been lost, and they have not been effective in communicating that message, especially to the African American community. Before the 1960s, we as African Americans were Republicans. Our families were Republicans, our grandmothers and grandfathers were Republicans. We were the Party of Republicans or we were members of the Party of Lincoln, but that changed in the 1960s and it changed because there was a deliberate attempt on the part of the Democratic Party to change their identity from the party that was responsible for the Ku Klux Klan and for 100 years of lynching. Thats just the bottom line truth. If you know history, it was the Democrats who did that, but they made a change, they made a change, and in that change, we find ourselves at this point listening to their message, and theres a number of reasons why thats so, and Ill talk about that on a one on one basis. Im just trying to frame for you the thinking because I would imagine theres some of you who are Democrats in here who are saying, "Why is he a Republican." I think that question needs to be answered. Im a Republican out of the old tradition of Frederick Douglass and Lincoln. Those principles, I believe, are the principles that help right this ship, if you will.


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