Caution To Republicans: Dear Senator Cornyn

I want to restate and elaborate on a couple of the points from what was posted Thursday (Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead!...).

First, I want to restate the caution that just because a Republican won in Massachusetts and further gains will likely be made in November, doesn’t mean the unsound state of the American society has gone away. The debt is beyond comprehension, let alone able to be serviced. The dollar is in a very precarious state. This year alone, we have more than doubled the currency in circulation that was already well beyond representative of asset value in the society. Even before this last surge in monetization, many people, both here and aboad, were predicting inflation and dollar failure for America. The longstanding AAA bond rating of American treasury bills is in very precarious status, as is the continued support of foreign creditors, who are already diversifying into other currencies and commodities and threatening alternative trade standards. If/when we lose either or both, dollar value will slump, as it will with the inevitable inflation. Inflation is not the rise of prices, but the relative devaluing of the currency that has already taken place with the expansion of the money supply. Prices are only held down by the fact that that money is held in financial institution reserves and not fully released into circulation. Also, today we are staring utterly insurmountable unfunded liabilities in the face, addition to the unserviceable debt. We will either default, which would summarily trash the American bond rating, or we will, as I expect, try to print our way out of the shortfall, which will only multiply magnify the inflation problem.

There is a lesson that Republicans can take from what happened in Massachusetts. A historically and almost congenitally now, Massachusetts electorate sensed a problem and voted strongly for a Republican. Now, if Republicans take power before these severe looming calamities confront us, and then people feel the pinch ofa falling dollar and buying power, what do you think they are going to do with the party in power, especially when it is a lead pipe cinch that Democrats will promise to “save” us from the disaster that happens “every time you elect Republicans who don’t properly regulate the economy,” never mind that it was particularly though not exclusively, their own profligate fiscal and monetary policy that created the problem, just like government interference created the mortgage and financial crises that caused the problem in late 2008. And for promised relief, people will readily hand over ever more of America’s constitutional liberty.

The second thing that Republicans must NOT do is sign on to corruptions rather than opening up of markets, specifically the insurance market in a “scaled down” health reform effort. As I said, I fear that they will pick off Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins and maybe other Republicans without a clear sense of constitutional constraints and the benefits of liberty and destructiveness of its denial. Again, corrupting the market will increase cost and decrease efficiency, leading to problems that Democrats will promise to “fix.” Republicans who assist in this process are SUCKERS. So, everyone should plead with Senator Cornyn to encourage all Republicans to open interstate markets, un-tax insurance and health care purchases, devolve power to states and individuals, and NOT to participate in market corruption/regulation of insurance companies. When they had a filibuster-proof majority, the onus was on Democrats to seduce every single one to cast a vote. With the addition of a 41st Republican, the onus is now on Republicans to hold every single one of them from engaging in freedom restriction and market corruption. So Senator Cornyn please: start working that cloakroom!


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