Celebutante White House Social Secretary Absent From Post as Salahis Slip By

Desiree Rogers, White House Social Secretary, adds to the celebutante White House aura. Apparently more interested in acting like an invited guest rather than doing her job to make sure things ran smoothly at the state dinner, Ms. Rogers failed to fulfill the basic function and responsibility of checking that guests arriving were actually invited!

The secret service was doing its job just fine: the Salahis were checked and cleared. What was missing was Ms. Rogers doing her job to cross-check that each guest who arrived was actually on her invitation list.

So why is the White House not releasing Rogers to attend the committee hearing and letting the Secret Service take all the blame?

Members on both sides of the aisle expressed frustration that the White House had invoked separation of powers and withheld Rogers from their grilling. “It's the Secret Service's job to take a bullet for the president but not the president's staff,” remarked a wry Rep. Charlie Dent, a Pennsylvania Republican.

Maybe it would help if the White House could be just a little more transparent!


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