Chilean Miners - President Sebastian Pinera - Obama

Thanksgiving to God who delivers the just I sought the lord, who answered me, delivered me from all of my fears.
Psalm 34:1- 5


We can all learn from the Chilean miners and their spirit to survive and their faith in God. This is a great story of faith, hope and love. Under the most adverse conditions 33 men, miners at the San Jose Mine in Copiapo Chile, were trapped on August 5. It was 17 days before anyone knew they were alive. On August 22nd a note reached the rescuers letting them know that all 33 men were doing well. They were trapped 2000 feet underground for 69 days. According to Luis Alberto Urzua the shift leader and last miner to be rescued, they became trapped when a hill came down on them. After the dust had settled the men were able to see that a large rock had blocked the entrance. Urzua became the man the other trapped miners respected enough to direct them in their desperate situation. Urzua rationed the only food they had and assigned areas of the mine for different uses which included a toilet area. He was determined to live or die with his fellow workers. Urzua thought first of his men and not of himself. He greeted President Sebastian Pinera by saying, "this should never happen again". Even though he is a Bolivian, he is the Chilean Hero.

Luis Alberto Urzua

President Sebastian Pinera never lost faith that it was possible to reach the miners and bring them to safety. He quickly enlisted the help of 12 nations as well as NASA to design the ‘escape pod’ to rescue the trapped miners. The designer of the ‘escape pod’ is NASA engineer Clinton Cragg. The Chilean Navy refined the design and constructed the ‘escape pod’ for the men to be brought up to safety. After the last man emerged, President Pinera gave a heartwarming speech that was emotional and inspiring. He thanked all who had helped with the rescue. He thanked the presidents of Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Bolivia and the Prime Ministers of United Kingdom, and Israel. Did I hear the United States President mentioned?

President Pinera said that he was extremely proud to be the Chilean President. His words, ‘we are not the same Chile of 69 days ago’ brought cheers and applause from the crowd gathered to witness the historical rescue. He said that they were a stronger country and were respected throughout the world. In his jubilance he said that, “we are prepared for great things to come.” President Pinera also said that the miners would never be the same. He thanked God for the blessings and faith he and the men experienced throughout the ordeal. He mentioned that all the church bells rang when the first miner Florencio Avalos came to the surface.

President Sebastian Pinera shows off note

This President was able to ask for help for his citizens. He never gave up. He had faith that the men would survive and he was going to do his part in the rescue. He has given Chile faith, hope and a clear vision for the future that they will do great things. He has inspired Chileans to believe that they are a great country and a great people. President Pinera was one of the first, before family, to greet, hug and speak to each miner as he came up to safety. It was a beautiful sight to see. In contrast our president has filed suit against Arizona, refused assistance from other countries with the BP oil spill off the coast of New Orleans and has refused to help Texas with the damages caused by tropical storm Hermine. He has never acknowledged the murders of rancher Robert Krentz in Arizona and of David Hartley from Texas. He has racially divided the country and has focused on bringing about a class war. He has ignored and made fun of the Tea Party movement and is definitely not proud to be an American as he continues to belittle and apologize for us to the world. This is a ‘teaching moment’ for Obama as he should look to President Pinera as to how to treat constituents. If only he would learn from this ‘teaching moment’!

Chilean miners rescue: first men reach the surface

Sebastian Pinera

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Maybe Obama should of been a pal of Pinochet too.

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