The Christ child ~ St. Augustine

We visited St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in America just before Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised to find a quaint and historic little town of about 7,000 inhabitants not to include tourists.

Our first treat was taking in the night scene and enjoying the "Nights of Lights" tour. It was totally enchanting. In fact, National Geographic magazine listed the lights display as one of the ten best in the world!

The following morning we toured the oldest Catholic church in America and I can attest to its simplistic beauty. What caught my eye was the almost life size manger at the front of the church. Baby Jesus was missing in his crib. Where is baby Jesus, I asked the priest who was decorating the church with Christmas wreaths. He told me that Jesus would be placed in his crib on Christmas Eve.

All of the mangers I personally have seen have always had baby Jesus in his crib once the display was erected. The fact that baby Jesus was missing made me think about the coming of our Lord, our Savior. This small difference of not seeing baby Jesus in the prepared crib had more impact on me than any previous nativity scene with the baby Jesus present.

How blessed we are as we await our Lord and Savior on Christmas day. Merry Christmas everyone! Special appreciation to Alison who made our trip to St. Augustine possible.


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