Christine O'Donnell Vs. Mike Castle: Who's Going to Take the Biden Senate Seat?

It's longtime political powerhouse versus Tea Party candidate. It's a race that should have been easy for former Governor and current U.S. Representative Mike Castle. However, Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell (recently endorsed by Sarah Palin) is giving him a run for his money.

Public Policy Polling is showing O'Donnell leading Mike Castle, 47-44. 

If Castle is indeed defeated Tuesday night it will be yet another sign that conservatives have a strangle hold on the Republican Party and moderates may or may not be welcome anymore. Castle has an overwhelming 69-21 lead with moderate voters but they only make up 33% of the likely primary electorate. O’Donnell has a 62-31 lead with conservatives that’s more than enough to propel her to the overall lead.

Watch below for more information about this race:


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