Climategate Round Two

With the recent addition of yet another set of emails exposing the scientific corruption involved in climate science, the knife is being twisted into the credibility of many of the climatogists whose mantra has been, “The world is going to end and man is to blame.” The recent exposure of science running amok gives more credence to the skeptics’ case that maybe man is not responsible for climate change or man’s involvement pales in comparison to nature. The importance of this is that now as the climate change debate has shifted to a more scientific and realistic scenario that nature is the primary cause of climate change and there is little we can do about it, it does open the door to a more credible approach to energy development.

As I wrote last year, “Americans have been bombarded with bad science on this issue and for now, many Americans are becoming less trusting of the science so heavily politicized. Here is the reality of climate change. Climate change will happen because it has happened in the past. Just in the past 20,000 years, we have seen ice ages and warmer periods. Just in the past 2000 years since the time of Christ's birth and death, we have seen warmer climates and cooler climates that had nothing to do with man’s impact. Maybe man has a role in climate change, but as the past has shown, nature has played a significant if not the dominant role in significant climate change.”

The significance of this is simple: there is less of a scientific reason, let’s make even more clearer, no scientific reason, not to pursue the development of our abundance of oil, coal and natural gas. For Republicans, the collapse of climate change science means forcing a decision on a sound energy policy based on production versus an energy plan that is crony capitalism combined with decreasing production of those sources we have in abundance. The Obama plans leads directly to higher costs by his own admission and he has personally added that he had no problem bankrupting the coal industry. Columnist Don Suber noted that West Virginia turned red on a national scene when it became obvious the Democratic Party opposed the coal industry, which is West Virginia's leading business. There are two objectives, the first being challenging the conventional wisdom that man is the sole determining factor in climate change and we need to reduce fossil fuels. Once the conventional wisdom is change, then it becomes easier to set aside a policy that emphasizes production of the fuels we have in abundance, natural gas, coal and oil. North America, from the Bering Sea to Gulf of Mexico and points in between, is on the verge of being the Saudi Arabia of the 21st century with more reserves available than any place in the world. The new technology is making it possible to drill in areas thought unavailable just a couple of decades ago. The second objective is "Drill, baby, Drill."

"Drill, baby, Drill" is a job creation slogan that can tie working class and a good portion of the upper middle class to the Party that makes it happen. A friend of mine reported to me about a trip to North Dakota where even McDonald workers were capable of making a living wage with hourly pay significantly beyond 10 dollars an hour. (She mentioned that some Wal Mart and McDonald workers were making closer to 15 dollars an hour, I can’t verify that but I do believe her.) There is a labor shortage in North Dakota, and the state is close to full employment as one could possibly get. Imagine if this scene is repeated nationwide? In West Virginia, Democratic Joe Manchin won the 2010 Senate special election when he ran an ad shooting a gun at a piece paper purported to be the Cap and Trade Bill. The state has voted for Republicans three straight elections because of energy policies.

The political left has abandoned the working class, and the Republicans have a golden opportunity to fix this group permanently to the Republican coalition, and there may be a side bar addition. Many Hispanics tend to concentrate to blue collar jobs, and certainly, openings among white working class would extend to Hispanic blue collar. Hispanic workers are half as likely as African-American to work in government and even whites have a higher participation in government work. For Hispanics, construction jobs created by energy development could allow this important group to look kindly upon the Party that is for job creation, in particular among construction jobs created by energy development and spin offs from energy development.

The one thing that has hampered energy development in the United States is the fear of manmade climate change, but with the advent of climategate and the manipulation of data by selected scientists to promote the fear of manmade climate change, the average American no longer believes in climate change being a strictly manmade phenomena. This has given Republicans an open door to develop an energy plan that not only will reduce energy costs, but create jobs in the millions!


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The level of scientific illiteracy and base level ignorance of science in Mr. Donelson's article is astounding, sad, and scary. To advocate for a continued and accelerated increase in greenhouse gas emission is unconscionable, misguided, and it appears, greed centered.  How can anyone in Texas believe such nonsense after the past year of weather extremes and record-breaking records.  How can anyone believe that mega-fossil fuel companies have their interests at heart over the world scientific community.  It would be interesting to know the price ("donations") paid to by corporations to have this ideology published. I expect Texans have enough critical thinking skills and intellect to independently investigate and see through this self-serving propaganda.

"...record breaking records".. Wow. Impressive stuff all right Forest.

Average Global Temperature Data from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia (where Phil [hide the decline] Jones works), below, indicates no change in the last 13 years, while Carbon Dioxide has risen by about 30%.

Carbon Dioxide goes up and the Temperature remains the same.

Year    Deviation from the base period 1961-90, degrees C

1998    0.529
1999    0.304
2000    0.278
2001    0.407
2002    0.455
2003    0.467
2004    0.444
2005    0.474
2006    0.425
2007    0.397
2008    0.329
2009    0.436
2010    0.470
2011    0.356


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