Code Red Kill The Bill Rally Against Health Care Bill Live Blog

Code Red Kill Bill Rally Continues Sunday March 21 Capitol Hill Washington DC

Live blog from Saturday, March 20, is below:

The Code Red Kill the Bill rally is taking place Saturday, March 20th in Washington, D.C. on the steps of our nations capitol at 12:00 pm. Rep. Steve King and actor Jon Voight are asking all freedom-loving citizens to come protest the health care reform will, which is expected to be voted on this Sunday.

TexasGOPVote is attending the rally and will keep you in the know with live updates and pictures from the event:

10:51(EST): Its a nice day in DC, Spring is here.

11:00(EST): People are starting to gather around the capitol.

11:30 (EST): Former nurse from Oakland, CA and Tea Party organizer from Richmond, CA speak out against government take-over of health care. As an African American, the Tea Party organizer has been working on training for and organizing the next abolitionist movement.

11:38 (EST): Brendan Steinhouser, 9/12 organizer, announces that on the house floor this moment they are working on passing deem and pass. Brendan is asking everyone to call the White House and House at the numbers below to express disatisfaction and outrage about this. 202-224-3121 - White House 202-225-6131- House

11:45 (EST): A "Kill the Bill" chant erupts amongst the crowd:

12:00 (EST): The National Anthem is sung as the rally officially begins:

12:10 (EST): Michele Bachmann, Ted Poe, Mike Pence, and a 9/11 Firefighter have all taken stage.

12:13 (EST): Michele Bachmann is speaking about government takeover of US businesses, industry, banks, finance, and Mark Levins book, Liberty and Tyranny.

12:17 (EST): Rep. Ted Poe takes the podium and tells the crowd that the health care bill is unconstitutional. Ted Poe is formerly a judge. He is outraged by the bill nd says we wont give up. He then needs to leave to go for a House vote. Speaker also says to call Chet Edwards at 202-225-6105 and tell him that Waco and the rest of Texas is watching. "He is Pelosis puppet!"

12:19 (EST): A 9/11 Firefighter takes the stage and says that for the first time in his life, he is afraid about whats going on in the country and in the capitol behind him. He says he has personal experience with health care, and that this bill is not about health care.

12:26 (EST): Rep. King takes the podium and says that Obama is coming to capitol hill and should see this crowd. However, it is not about the president, it is about the American people. "You, the American people, have grounded Air Force One! Pelosi thinks the Constitution is irrelevant , but in November, she will be irrevelant!"

12:29 (EST): Joe Wilson and President of Americans For Prosperity take the stage and says, "We are winning the American people. There is a group of over 800 people from San Diego alone!"

12:37 (EST): A Latina woman from Brazil who became an American Citizen, came for opportunity in America, and now sees things happening in America that happened in Latin America: politicians preaching hope and change for the people, but really only doing it to further their own agendas.

12:41 (EST): Rep. Gohmert takes the stage and says that there are over 17,000 new jobs in the bill for the IRS!!

12:43 (EST): Congressman from Tennessee says, "If this bill passes, we will repeal it, and if they cant repeal it, then well meet them at the state line with our governors."

12:45 (EST): Rep. Scalese says" If this deal is so good, then why are doing backroom deals and ferrying congressmen on Air Force One like a Ferris Wheel at Disneyland?"

12:49 (EST): Diane Young, an African American educator from Maryland says she feels betrayed by Obama, and that he rode into office on pernicious lies.

12:57 (EST): Marsha Blackburn takes stage: "Lets kill the bill and start over with real health care reform. This is about freedom. We the people are standing strong, and you all are leading the way. Some people say Republicans are the part of "no," but we are the party of "know," and the more we know the more we dont like it.

1:02 (EST): Rep. Kingston of Georgia says, "If this bill is so good, why have so many deals been made with the Presidents own party?"

1:05 (EST): Andrew Langer, President of Inst. for Liberty takes the stage and says he wants everyone to be whistle blowers- he handed out a few thousand but ran out since the crowd is much bigger than that.

1:07 (EST): The president of Doctors and Patients has doctors behind her wearing real coats, not coats from the White House costume department. One of the speakers says that CBS news says the crowd is 2,000, but looks much bigger than that. Thats quite a crowd for something planned just 3 days ago!

1:15 (EST): Jon Voight just took stage (introduced by Bachmann) and says, "Obama has a compulsion, he will turn this country into a socialist country- its a runaway train he cant stop- Obama will be a one term president, but the damage he will cause will harm this country for years. We have to stop it!" Voight goes on to discuss the interview Obama had with Brett Baird on Fox showed how he would not dare answer any questions. Obama gestures showed that he was trying to say, "Dont you dare speak when the President speaks!"

1:24 (EST): Rep. Gingrey of Georgia takes the podium. Gingrey is also a doctor. He says, "The Stimulus bill was supposed to be for shovel ready projects, and we saw what happened to that! Now with the health care bill, if 75-year-olds need medicine or attention, a health care czar will say that they are shovel-ready!

1:27 (EST): Dr. Milton Hill, Obamas second cousin, takes the podium. "The bill is brought to you by the same people who chose health and well being of smelt fish over humans! Stop this bill and on Monday, your doctor will concentrate on your health, not studying government tables!"

1:30 (EST): Michele Bachmann comes back and says she estimates that there are over 50,000 people now gathered in D.C. for the Code Red Kill the Bill rally!

1:35 (EST): Rep. Aiken from Missouri takes stage, and then the National director of Resistnet takes podium and says, "I spend everyday reading the blogs and what you write!"

1:40 (EST): Rep. Rogers takes the stage and says, "When asked what type of government we have, Ben Franklin said that we have a Constitutional Republic, if we can keep it! Back there in the capitol, they are lying, cheating, and stealing to get to your health care. Only here could they be cheating the 85% who do have health care to give to the 15% that do not have health care.

1:42 (EST) The Resistnet president speaks again, "I may be blonde, but I studied economics. Im tired of being lied to! We are all being treated like were a bunch of dumb blondes! Stand here and declare that this bill be killed!"

1:44 (EST): Rep. King of Iowa takes the podium- "Were going to keep this hill." He tells a story of "Toxic Stew."

1:46 (EST): Brendan Steinhauser of Freedom Works takes a picture of the crowd, and thinks the lwan is holding 40,000 people. He says he just heard from Rep. Cardoza and will NOT be supporting the deem and pass. He is listening to the people, who are making a difference.

1:53 (EST): Tito Munoz, president of the Hispanic Coalition says, "First and foremost, I am an American. I did not come to America for dependency - I came here form liberty! Were going to stay here at the capitol, and will come back 10, 100, a million times!"

1:57 (EST): Tea Party leaders take the stage and say, "Were tired of this elitism and backroom deals!"

2:01 (EST): A speaker from Americans for Life says she just got a count from the whip- Pelosi doesnt have the votes!!

2:02 (EST): The Tea Party Patriots give a shout out all across America to those that couldnt make it today!

2:05 (EST): The rally is starting to break up. People are going to the House of Representatives to let their congressman know how they feel!

2:38 (EST) A Large crowd is gathering in front of the Rayburn Building (House of Representatives offices).

2:48 (EST): Police are blocking people from getting into the offices, but the people are breaking through the lines of police to get in!

6:36 (EST): Several members of Congress, including Rep. Ted Poe, are on the capitol steps addressing the crowd- all have vowed to vote "no."

Actor Jon Voight!

Texas doctors say "NO" to government-run health care!

Dont tread on Texas!

Funny protest sign!

People are barred from entering Rayburn House offices building!  Where is our freedom?

People gathered here after being denied access to the House.

Additional photos:


 What if I told you that it was not a Red Neck that writes, that I have this Little Health Care Bug in My Hands, I give my thanks to God for allowing me to see into this issue..........

Hi everybody, I stopped by to blog again with you all and to show you how the cause and effect of a work of uniting the views of 173 million inter faced sites has forced Government to sign this Bill to Law and now it is where It needs to be, in Court. Officials seek to balance, I seek to un-balance because I want the same as 89% of the People want, a honest Reform.

I am sorry but this Bill to Law needs to go back to formula. It is not built on equal standing between Social Grace of People and The People.

First off, somehow there is just to many people that do not understand the function of the Governing Bodies within Government. First, there are around 60 Personal that hold seats that write these Laws, both Democrat and Republican. Then this Bill for Law goes up for a vote and there is around 500 or so Republican and Democrats that vote. The sling talk of this of being the Obama Bill is not Political Correct within the use of words.

Now lets get to the issues of this Bill of Law being Unconstitutional.

I agree this new Health Care Law borders on a Constitutional Infringement and within the rush of putting it into action, a balance of dollar issues is lost. The placement of threats against the People is in fact Unconstitutional, as will as force pay.

Unfortunately the Law Suites against the Bill needs to be restructure within the Concepts Of Constitutional Infringements through the voice of the People it is this Voice that guides the destiny of the Country and the decisions within that Court. .For Example, the weight of 100 million people, and their words in Court bring weight of value to not destroy this Bill of Law but to take it back to formula.

I must agree with people that this Bill to Law is built within the concept of Social Grace and I do not blame people one bit for the out cry of the burden place against Companies and people that make a great deal of money.

The use of FASC Concepts 10% per cent on a yearly income that may have been used by Officials is in error because this forum of mine looks into the economic conditions within each home before a placement of payment can go forward, and we believe in the freedom of choice. {As of yet there has been no reply by Officials of Government if they used our Concepts.}

To show people that I do not belong to any Governing Parties or Insurance Companies, please enjoy the Roll back Concepts of FASC under economy buster at our site.

This issue we find unfair, According to information, that Tax Payers pay for over 75% of all Medical Cost for Government Officials. As it would seem this Social Grace, is not of a equal standing, as stated in Bill 101 of the New Health Care Laws. Government Officials are Civil Servants According to Law and should not be above the Law of this 10% Force Pay on a Yearly Income. Health care for U.S. Politicians receive the Countrys ,New health care plan to cover all government people (When the President, Senators, ... leaves office do they lose their federal employee health care or go on cobra like concept... Make them pay for their own Health care just as we do if they refuse to pay tax, what then ? { you can find this story also at the page for economy buster and the link } ...

My big complaint is that the 10% based, Health Care Forum Bill 101 is lacking inter structure and will not help the economic effected people, and will burden people who all ready have insurance.

This 1900 pages of Law is untested and only in theory. The fact still remains that because this Health Care System is a $100 Trillion Dollar per year system ,we feel that the Court should place this new Tax Theory { Bill to Law} under Court Supervision for 3 years, because of the failure of Officials to fix the existing Tax System. Without further in site of a balance, only a way to balance the existing in a concept that still eludes practical guidelines. As in I see no back up ideas like {plan B} and it, this Tax Plan is still based on a dollars being a constant flow of cash.

According to information that there is a plan to lay off City and County workers, that it is considered cheaper to put them on unemployment and Social Services then payroll. What would be more practical is to have every other weekend off or for those who wish, each weekend off. This includes Postal Workers. Also as in Deer field Beach Florida a out side contractor has offered a Bid Per Purposed Contract and lay offs will be against employees under so much time in and on that County job.

We do understand that Governing Officials are desperate for this Health Care Money, so as a concept of a way to balance trust again between Officials and the People, any Government official that has a Job Concept, they must put up a Bond as a Contractor would to build a project. Once the Job Conclusion has reached a successful point in it creation, Officials receive a refund.

As stated before, this Health Care Dollar belongs to the People, and I do have this Little Health Care Bug in my Hands. The balance of the views of 250 million people and all this diversity created by Officials is slowly coming to a silence, because I speak for the People and I offer respect to the views in a building block to a Health Care Reform, because of my concept to reform Government within this Health Care Issue, and I would ask the United States Supreme Court to place this Health Care Dollar under Court Supervision until it is deemed worthy of a People right to be a part of or not.

In 3 years our budget / deficit, can be a positive balance of $1.2 Trillion Dollars. But first we must put forward a Job, work force to strategically rebuild the United States in a anti / war crime forum. To place Factories where they serve that area of city or town.

I watched for 7 years this failure reach where it is today, “ I saw this”, but there was no intervention by Officials. Officials had their hats handed to them by Scam Artist, and The Arabic Drug Empire, cave dwellers. This issue has not one thing of how I believe, I can only share with you what I have watched for over 30 years take place and there must be a unity by the people to bring a reform to this new Law and to our Government.

No I am sorry President Obama, Officials need to earn trust again, and to become as one with the People. This is a way to say, look into the economic conditions at persons home before you over burden their lives, with this Bill to Law. This is why you was voted into Office.....

FASC Concepts in and for Pay it Forward covers the web see why we have become the largest web site in the United States, and we give our thank to the thousands of people who post by us, as one voice.

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